Saturday, August 31, 2013

Playroom tour.

Finally! Our playroom is done and I might be in love with it. Scratch that. I am totally and completely in love with it.
And it was all funded by Jenny McCarthy ;) if you don't know what I'm talking about, see this post.

We strung Christmas lights at the top of the teepee. It looks SO fun lit up, but looks like complete crap in pictures. Whoops! 
And yes, that is in fact a 7 foot beanbag. 

Mr. Fox says hello..

Love love love how this ruler turned out. And I can't wait until we start marking her height on it. We planned out doing it two nights ago, but Ab has been in quite the mood lately. I have NO idea where she gets it from....

The chalkboard wall...& if my entire house could be covered with that rug, I wouldn't hate it. 

Chalkboard baskets to house all of her toys. 

I filled up mason jars with all of the chalk I use to draw on the board. Color coordinated, of course ;) 

I'm toying with the idea of removing the white floor lamp. I'm not too sure I LOVE it. And also adding something to the wall next to the teepee. I just haven't found anything I like yet and I was anxious to get this up. 

Stay tuned for a super fun 'Fall' post. It's basically September which means its basically Fall. Even if it is 312 degrees outside still. 

And I'll leave you with my dinner the other night. Sign compliments of grampy. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures.....& a moment of silence.

I walked out of my room Friday morning to see this:
So cute!

We had a little photoshoot before school, she is clearly thinking about something spectacular.

We got a package in the mail when we got home Friday night..BABIATORS! This is a company that makes baby aviators and they are PERFECT for little faces. They don’t have a strap on them or anything, but they stay on your babes face no problem! They are made out of a rubber material, BUT if they were to break (or get lost!) Babiators will REPLACE them, no questions asked at no cost to you! Umm… Yes please!!
I put them on Abigail and started snapping away… and got this little nugget…
Double chin not included in purchase.

Saturday morning we made a pancake, egg and hashbrown breakfast… with a side of bacon.

We headed out to the park to play some basketball and swing on the swings… But I was just excited that it was sunny out so Ab could rock her new shades..

Love my girl!

Obviously impressed. 

Billy and I decided to RUN home from the park… and when we got back to the house, Nathan wanted to lift weights.. so we did! (I was hiding in the corner, wheezing.) 

Sunday night…  where to begin….

Billy and I put the babe to bed and poured ourselves two glasses of delicious beer. We decided to relax and sit down to watch the VMA’s (which I only wanted to watch for the *NSync reunion,obvi.)

I’m not going to talk too much about what happened, because I think we all are pretty clear that it was one chug-a-choo-choo away from a train wreck… but I will leave you with a few things…

& with that, I am out of here. I hope everyone has a great week. And if your Monday sucked, just remember... You could have woken up this morning and realized you molested a foam finger in front of America the night prior….

Lets all take a quick moment of silence to remember what was an innocent peice of foam... 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friday Favorites - Pin Style

I've been on a Pinterest binge lately. I have so many ideas floating around my head for my house, my wardrobe and A's 1st birthday party (yes, its already happening. I can't help it!) Below are a few of my favorite finds lately:

How cute is this?! I love anything with an anchor design!

I am planning a diy with this little gem. It is your anniversary date displayed in your home (in our case, master bedroom!) I have been looking for something to fill our walls with and I think this will be perfect!

This will NO DOUBT be my go to outfit for fall/winter. I can not wait to start busting out the boots and sweaters. Come on fall, we are all waiting!

I'm obsessed. I would obviously have to have A wear something under it but I feel like she needs this. Billy thinks otherwise.

Backyard trees with Christmas lights year round... my dream come true. Will these keep the bears away?!

I just cant with this bag.... I need it. I'm not usually a purse snob and will wear whatever I think is cute, but this.... this I need in my collection.

Husband- If you are reading this.. THIS IS A PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!

Black foam board, brass push pins, make a design. So simple!

I am currently on the hunt for an old tub. How cute would this be for entertaining at your house?!
And now on to what could be the best thing I have done on this blog yet... Linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for a little segment she likes to call 'Back that Azz up' Fridays. What is it exactly? Well, exactly what it sounds like... Pick a jam & back that azz up.
My jam is OBVIOUSLY an *NSync (complete with the totally necessary asterisk) oldie, due to their impending reunion on Sunday at the VMA's. Don't crush my dreams people, I still have hope that it's happening!!!
Happy Friday, everyone!  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mama Observations - The first 15 weeks.

I've been working on this post for a very long time. It's the brutally honest truth, from my eyes, on becoming a first time mama. It might not be for everyone, but it was important for me to document it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Being a mama is the best thing that has ever happened to me. But it's hard. Really hard. And it has surprised me to realize how much I didn't know going into this whole thing.

When you tell people you are pregnant their reactions are almost always positive. 'It's the best job in the world!' 'You are going to love that baby so much!' And don't get me wrong, that is ALL true! The following are just some things that I have observed over the past couple of months that I thought would be good to share... or for those who are already mamas. I'm sure you will have a laugh over some of them!

1. After you give birth, you will cry. You will cry a lot. And for a while. I remember when we were still in the hospital, I didn't cry. Not once. And I thought that I was totally keeping myself together. Pat on the back for Jenn! And then we got home. And within 5 minutes of getting there, I cried. For no reason! And this continued for about 2 weeks. I think most people classify this as the 'baby blues' and it is totally normal. But those types of things, I don't think anyone likes to talk about. So I'm telling you, get the tissues out. And apologize to your husband now.

2. Some people DO NOT like breastfeeding. And I'm one of them. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. It is completely draining. And painful. And exhausting. And stressful. I HATED feeling like I was the ONLY person who could feed my child. I felt like I couldn't even take a shower, because if my baby got hungry, I had to stop everything I was doing. And I suppose a lot of women like that, but I definitely wasn't one of them. And for that reason, I started pumping and we switched to a bottle VERY early on. And if that what works for you, DO IT! In the back of my mind I felt SO guilty for not liking breastfeeding so much, I felt like as a woman I was SUPPOSED to love it. I finally had to convince myself that if I wasn't happy, my baby wasn't happy. Switching to a bottle was one of the best things we have done as parents, thus far.

3. When you get home from the hospital, you will have NO idea what to do with this new human you are supposed to take care of. The first night, Billy and I set up shop on the couch, holding our new baby girl and had no idea what to do. And because of that, we were up ALL NIGHT because we were holding her the entire time. It's so funny to think back to those first couple of nights... But I promise, you WILL figure it out! I remember a lot of people kept telling me that your 'motherly instincts' would just kick in and I remember thinking said people were NUTS! But they do! It's crazy but you just figure it out! 

4. No matter how much you love your significant other, you will want to strangle them at some point (or lots of points) within the first couple of months of being new parents. Whether it be at 3am when neither of you have slept in 4 days and you're playing rock, paper scissors to see who is going to go take care of the screaming baby or at 3pm and your significant other coughs too loud and wakes the baby up after an hour of rocking her back and forth trying to get her to take a nap. Just remember that even though you are thinking about roundhouse kicking their face into the ground, you still love them. I promise, you do.

5. You will never read or listen to another sad story involving a child on the tv or radio and not think 'what if that was my baby?!' I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me and it breaks my heart.

6. You will probably instantly judge and/or give dirty looks to parents who a. Smoke in front of their children or b. let their child run about in the car (unbuckled) and in whatever seat they chose, no matter the age. I don't know if its because I am more aware now that I have a child or what, but when I see these types of things happening I literally want to go all crazy town on someone's ass! 

7. Mama bear instincts are powerful things. You will have no problem telling a stranger who is trying to give your child a pat on the head to go fly a kite. Exhibit A.

8. The first few weeks are hard. REALLY HARD. Take help from people that are offering it.... Right around the 5 week mark, things started to get easier for B and I. Our baby started to really get a personality and we started to figure out what she needed when she was crying. 

9. The most common peice of advice you will probably get is 'sleep when the baby sleeps'. I got it ALL THE TIME. And I'm here to tell you that is wayyyyy easier said than done. Here's what a typical day looked like for me while on maternity leave: feed baby, baby cries, hold baby until baby falls asleep, put baby down in swing for nap, pump, wash pump parts and bottles, make yourself a sandwich, sit down for 5 seconds, pick up screaming baby who just woke up. Repeat 8 times a day. I'm sorry, WHEN was I supposed to be sleeping?! 

I'm sure there will be a part 2,3 & 4 to this post but for now, this is what I've got. 

Moral of the story here people.. even when you want to strangle your husband for falling asleep quicker than you at night or when you are sitting in the back of a cop car because some space cadet tried to put a voodoo spell on your child and you hulk smashed his face to the ground, remember at the end of the day, you have the most perfect baby as your reward for all of the above. (Okay, 2nd most perfect baby, mine is obviously first ;) )


Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures.

First of all... If you are subscribed or have the Bloglovin' app on your smartphone, go ahead and search for this bad boy: 'Baby A and Mama J'. Or just click that pretty little button on the right side if your screen that says 'Bloglovin'.  You'll automatically be notified when I post something new. Also working on getting a Facebook page just for the blog, so I stop cluttering up people's timelines who don't give a damn about my life :) ill let you know when that is done. 

Moving on....

Super eventful weekend! Let’s get started, shall we? : )

Friday afternoon started with something I think is pretty cool.  A story was floating around the netty that an actress by the name of Shailene Woodley was chopping off her hair for a move role and donating it to the company ‘Children with Hair Loss’. Most of you know that about a month or so ago, I cut 13 inches from this ole head of mine and since then, it has been sitting in a bag in my closet. (It’s not as gross as it sounds… or it is. Yeah, it is.) After reading this story and researching the company, I decided to throw the braided bag of locks in the mail and send it off to this company. They focus on children suffering from diseases and accidents that cause hair loss.
After tweeting about my decision Thursday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to see Friday morning that I was featured on a website called along with 14 other ladies who have decided to donate their hair to this cause.
If you are thinking of cutting your hair, or like me, have some from a previous cut and didn’t know what to do with it, think about this company!
And if you would like to read the story I was featured on, here it is:

After work, I decided that Happy Hour with a few girlfriends was an absolute MUST after the week I had. We didn’t have to pick kids up until later (& had designated drivers, duh.) so we grabbed some drinks.
Friday night at my parents house looked a LOT like this:
Poor baby gets SO tuckered from daycare during the week.

B and I were way excited for Saturday. We picked up our new car! It was a drive to get to it, but we got it and LOVE it!

2014 Kia Forte – it only had 11 miles on it when we drove off the lot! ;) we love it and are so thankful we have an awesome Uncle who hooks us up : )

Saturday night, we were hungry and didn’t want to go anywhere… with no food in the house. This obviously calls for a sub delivery so fast we’ll freak ;) I ordered 4 subs online, and the order form asks you to label each sub, so you know which one is yours when they are delivered. I figured I would brighten someone’s night, who had to work on a Saturday…

Diamond, Candy, Barbie and Magic Mike all enjoyed our subs! The delivery girl was laughing when she came to the door. And also, I’m a child.

Family day at Blizzard beach was on Sunday. For those that don’t know, Blizzard Beach is a Disney water park with a winter theme. LOVE IT! Ice slopes for rides and Christmas music playing throughout. It’s my kind of place! Please enjoy the overload of cute pictures of my child, I couldn’t pick just one ;)

These eyes melt my heart! 

Last night, our weekend came to an end and we were THE MOST sad about it. It ended on a high note though… I finally got Netflix to work on our living room TV… I may have just not given enough effort before, but since I slightly nudged our cable box last night while I was reorganizing and the damn thing completely turned off and I cant figure out how to get it back on, this was a LIFESAVER! We started ‘Orange is the New Black’ and we are obsessed! Once we are done with that, we are starting Season 1 of Breaking Bad. I know, get with the times.
Feel free to send over more suggestions!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I did with these two :) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

from A to Z.

First things first, I have a new 'about me' page. Check it out if you're interest. 

I found this today & thought it was cute. Enjoy my answers: 

A: Attached or Single? Very much attached. Married attached ;) 

B: Best Friend? Uhh, can I be a total lame-o and say my husband? Because he is. I have a lot of good friends, but my very BEST is him... & my sister. & my parents. Womp. Womp. 

C: Cake or pie? Cupcakes. And only my moms cupcakes. Regular cake and pie.. Yuck! But I do love MAKING cupcakes ;) 

D: Day of choice? Saturday.. 100%. B is off..and you still have Sunday before you get back to Monday. It makes sense, people! 

E: Essential item? iPhone. Seriously though, if I could duct tape it to my hand like I was playing a game of Edward Fortyhands, i would. If you don't know what that is, you're fired. Also, hit up Wikipedia. 

F: Favorite color? White. That's legit, right? It goes with everything. 

G: Gummy bears or worms? Bears. Even though right now bears aren't really on the top of my 'Jenny loves..' list. (Refer back to: Jenn has a huge ass near in her backyard.) 

H: Hometown? This question should be easy. But it's not in my brain. I was born in New Hampshire, lived in Massachusetts for a while (lived here and STILL had to use spell check to spell it right), moved to Spring Hill, FL... Lived there for a hot minute (or like 10 years) and then moved to Lake Mary (Orlando) to finish of high school and still live there now. So.... You pick. 

I: Favorite indulgence? I enjoy shoving my face in a tub of cookie dough very now and then. But also, scuba diving in a keg of bud light. Again, you pick. 

J: January or July? I'm going to say January. My dads birthday is in January and he always says I don't mention him enough on this thing. So here you go dad.. January it is! 

K: Kids? Yes. And if you didn't know that.. Welcome to earth ;) 

L: Life isn’t complete without? My husband and my daughter. (& the rest of my family) 

M: Marriage date? April 9, 2011.. Also my grandparents anniversary. I'm scoring a lot of points with this post ;) 

N: Number of brothers/sisters? Uno older sissy & Uno younger brudder. That's right folks, I am the middle child. Which I celebrated yesterday on National Middle Child Day. I'm sure my presents are in the mail, right? 

O: Oranges or Apples? I like my oranges juiced and my apples dipped in peanut butter. 

P: Phobias/Fears? Drowning. Snakes. Bears eating me while I check the mail. The usual. 

Q: Quotes? 'Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.' - Juno 

R: Reasons to smile? Umm... Well I have no cavities! 

S: Season of choice? Salt.. Just kidding! Fall... Slap a pair of boots on these feet and I'm a happy gal! 

T: Tv show as a kid: as in my favorite? Uhh.. I think I was a pretty big fan of rugrats. Oh and a show called Zoobilee Zoo.. If you know what this is go ahead and insert your name into the best friend question above. You're a winner in my book. 

U: Unknown fact about me? I can wiggle my ears. Seriously though, I can. 

V: Vegetable? Roasted broccoli or corn on the cob. Get in mah bellayyyy! 

W: Worst habit? Oh so many.. Lets begin: I bit my nails when I'm nervous or anxious, I'm always nervous or anxious, I say 'I'm sorry' way too much (even if I'm not or I shouldn't), I eat too much junk... I'm starting to feel bad about myself.. Moving on... 

X: Xray or Ultrasound? Uhh.. I've had both. This is a weird question. 

Y: Your favorite food? Carbs. (The pretend that's an actual food). 

Z: Zodiac sign? Taurus. Bull. Rawr. 

Well, that was fun! Hope you all had a good Tuesday!! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our weekend in pictures

This weekend was one of the best I have had in a while! Family time, relaxing time and a clean house! Here is a peek:

Friday, I worked from home because our babe was sick. She had a high fever for a couple of days so we have been back and forth to the doctor. Long story short, she had some kind of virus/infection. It was a sad couple of days, but by Friday afternoon we had our baby back:
Friday was also fun because A took her first nap in her crib! She always sleeps in her crib at night, but we have never had her nap during the day in it. It always seems easier to just put her in her swing. But I wanted to try it out and see if she took a long nap, and it worked!

This beauty showed up in the mail! Thanks again for everyone's votes!!

 Despicable me at nanna & grampy's house!

We had a sleepover at our house.. which clearly means Mickey Mouse shaped Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I scored some SERIOUS points ;)

Saturday morning, we took Nathan to the splash park by our house. More points scored. He had a blast!

Then we hit up the pool! A went in for the first time and she LOVED it! Which didn't really surprise us, because her bath every night is the best part of her day!

 Please note the hat:
 We all took a nap after the pool, I come out of our room to this... they aren't related. Not even a little.

I banked some serious mama and baby time on Sunday while daddy was at work. We played ALL day! So much so that the poor girl fell asleep gripping her rattle and sitting in her bumbo. Ha!

And baby feet... because they are cute!

On a side note: Something happened last night that I didn't think would ever be possible. I went to take a video of Abigail doing something cute and I got a pop up on my phone that said I ran out of storage on my phone... I WHAaaaaT?! I didn't even know that was possible. But I guess when you have a baby, you should automatically trade your phone in for the economy size. I spent last night loading all of my pictures onto the computer and then loading them all onto a website to make sure I didn't lose them if something happened to my computer. Even doing all of that, I still had a panic attack erasing them all from my phone, so much so that I made Billy hit the delete button. This girl needs a chill pill (read: Xanax).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!