Thursday, November 28, 2013

thanksgiving recap.

we had such a great thanksgiving at the huff house! even though it was just the six of us, it was so nice to spend time together, have target practice in our backyard, play pumpkin baseball & eat until we couldn't breathe. we accomplished all of the above effortlessly. I'm still working on the breathing. #oink. 

it's going to be a picture heavy post today. there were just too many good ones not to post. 

who knew feet could make me this happy?!

so thankful for this guy.

our spread. covered a beer pong table (oh, what's that? you just call it a folding table....weird.) with brown postal paper from at the container store & labled all the dishes. it was a fun little touch, not that anyone wouldn't know where the turkey was.

this might be my most favorite picture of all time. this is mid pumpkin smash baseball. if you look closely you can see i'm swining a bat. apparently i'm good at baseball because i SMASHED every pumpkin that came my way. which in turn caused Billy to duck and cover when the pumpkin guts went flying. we had an absolute blast.

part of our table. i bought small brown paper bags and put a napkin and the silverware in them. labled them with each person's name. love how they turned out. centerpeice was just the leftover fake pumpkins from halloween and Billy went out and found me some twigs.

whole view.

i was pumped about my caprese salad contribution & it was a hit!

target practice with pumpkins and beer cans. our backyard officially looks like a hot mess. i'm sure it will attract bears. i'm also sure i'm moving out.
my whole world. so thankful for them.

homegirl went to town on a turkey leg. she loved it!

momma & sissy.
parents. love.
our breakfast & bubbly station. mimosas. bellinis. bloodys. apple cider. thirsty yet?
not pictured: the 5pm comas naps that ensued. there was drool. there was snoring. there was pure happiness.
i hope you all had a perfect thanksgiving! filled with love and champagne.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Happening!

YOU GUYS! It’s happening!

It is OFFICIALLY the EVE of all things festive! Tomorrow (or tonight, if you’re in MY house) kicks off the official Holiday season! AKA; My favorite time of year (besides my birthday, duh).

Billy & I have been frantically preparing for the feast that will be taking place at our house tomorrow & I can’t wait to share it with you all! We love, love double love entertaining so even though there will only be six of us at the dinner table this year, we held NOTHING back!

Here is a sneak peek of our menu (& of course, I have added more things that didn’t make it onto my drawing):

Is there anything better than the 5pm food coma!? NOPE! I even purchased a few extra blankets for the house for the occasion!

There are so many things I have to be thankful for this year. The biggest one being our AMAZING baby girl. She has brought so much happiness and love into our family and I couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She keeps us on our toes, smashes her face into everything and blows out of every cute outfit I put her in, but she is PERFECT!

I can’t wait to hear all about everyone’s Thanksgiving & I’ll be back on Friday to recap our day with you all! Yes, Friday…. No shopping for this girl unless it can be purchased while sitting on my couch, wearing PJ’s, drinking something hot (does hot vodka taste good?) and clicking a mouse!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday Favorites.

Back for another round of Friday Favorites with Heather at Housewife Glamour!
Housewife Glamour
Putting together Thanksgiving baskets for the Basket Brigade of Central Florida. You can read all about the organization here! In a nutshell, you fill laundry baskets of all of the essentials for Thanksgiving dinner, including a gift card for a Turkey. We were so excited to be able to be a part of it this year & even got my parents involved!

Scentsy warmer & wax with a Christmas Tree scent! My house smells like Christmas right now & I'm not even a little bit mad.

Drive Thru Subway. Not only was this a drive thru but it was ALL touchscreen! Who knew about this?! I sure didn't! Is it sad that this might be the most exciting this that happened this week?! AND, the machine saves your order for future visits! WHAT!??
This Chambray little number that I picked up from H&M for Abigail and her winter pictures at school today! It's killing me not to share the entire outfit with you all, but I want to keep it a surprise in case the pictures actually turn out cute. But let's be honest....

THIS, ladies and gentlemen is the most magical piece of heaven to ever grace my stubby little eyelashes. Give your lashes a few strokes of this eye candy and you will be thanking me for years to come. Seriously. My sister, mom and I all RAVE about this shit!
This girl. She's getting so big, too fast. She is climbing and standing on everything, crawling everywhere and apparently eats like a big kid while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Have a great weekend! Time to get your houses & stomachs ready for the big T-Day! #gobbletilyouwobble

Hangover Thursday.

Welp kids, anyone know what comes after Magic Game Wednesday? Answer: Hangover Thursday. That’s what I’m rocking today.

After getting last minute tickets (babysitter included) to the Magic/Heat game last night (thanks, dad!) Billy and I hightailed it down to the Amway Center faster than you can say ‘beer me’.  To say the husband and I needed a date night would be putting it mild. Between his work schedule and our obsession with always wanting to be with our pukey, poopy, adorable child, we haven’t been on a real date night since the turn of the century. #dramatic
So today, after a night of 3rd row from the floor seats, $78 worth of beer, 2 hotdogs & the brilliant idea to go to our favorite bar after the game for more drinks, you get a half assed picture post. Enjoy!

Such good seats! It almost made up for the fact that we left in the 4th quarter when the Magic were down by 30. 

This is a TERRIBLE picture, however I felt like I needed to include one picture of the two of us. #fatface 

Looking at this one actually makes me angry today. College student, I am not. I need PJs before 9pm or I'm junk. 

These beautes were waiting in our yard when we got home. I think we counted 9... Love it! 

& this one, for obvious reasons. Good lord I love this girl! 

Hope your Thursday is a little less cloudy than mine! ;) 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures.

One picture sums up my Friday night. Which led to a rough morning on Saturday.

Saturday was spent getting things done around the house and putting up a few Christmas decorations. I’m trying to hold off on putting up everything since we are hosting Thanksgiving, but it’s getting difficult. I definitely won’t put my tree up until the day after Thanksgiving, but at this point everything else is fair game ; )

Family was in town Saturday night, so we went to dinner where Abigail sat in a highchair for the first time and ate Puff’s. I may have been having a slight meltdown thinking she was going to choke (even though they dissolve in her mouth).

After dinner, we ended the night with a pretty intense game of domino's & too many drinks. #permahangover

My mom gave my baby girl a pedicure on Sunday. I could die over these pretty pink toes.

& apparently I have a child who has snack time on the floor now.  

We had a great weekend & hope you did too!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Favorites!

These are a few of my favorite things.... (if you didn't sing that, you're fired).

Housewife Glamour

Thanksgiving Prep//  the Huff's are hosting Thanksgiving this year! We LOVE entertaining, so we are both PUMPED. The menu will include all of the staples, plus muffin tin stuffing & bacon wrapped green beans. Pre-dinner festivites will include target practice with pellet guns and our leftover pumpkins from halloween ;)

Belly Bumps & beyond// a new site that sells gently used or new maternity & baby clothes at discounted prices. Melissa Rycroft (from the Bachelor and various other things) started this. If you have previously used baby clothes or maternity clothes you can contact her and send them in (which is what I did) for people who need them to purchase. The website should be launching soon and I hope it's a success!

This video// based on this video, i think we have a rock climber on our hands. or a spider monkey. she is offically climbing EVERYTHING she can get her hands on. she has a big ole scrape/bruise on her head from pulling herself up on a jumper at school and then slamming her face on it. we are in SO much trouble.

Catching sweet moments like this//  i love capturing these random moments. these two are my world.

& finally my last favorite of this friday.... backing that azz up with Whitney!
My song is obviously due to the fact that it is completely acceptable to start listening to Christmas music. And what Christmas song is better than an Nsync Christmas song? Answer: None.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wearing Winter

I can’t get enough of the winter wardrobe possibilities that are happening for the little ones right now. Is there anything better than a plushy, snuggly baby? Answer: No, no there isn’t.

I am dying over all of these picks. I wish I could stock Abigail’s closet up with all of them. Expect she would never be able to wear some of them because we live in Florida. Land of 60 degrees in the morning, 90 degrees by lunch.

I will probably end up snagging her the ‘heart’ you t-shirt though. Baby’s in t-shirts make my heart do a little dance.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today. I’m off to prepare for A’s first modeling gig tomorrow (stay tuned) ;)

& I'll leave you with a little  #tbt action; one day old Baby A.

Monday, November 11, 2013

i can't believe...

that I have a SIX MONTH OLD!
This month has been SO fun! There is nothing more amazing than watching my daughter discover new things for the first time.
It seems like from 5-6 months, there have been SO many milestones that Abigail has hit!
\\ holding her own bottle & feeding herself.
\\ started eating two 'meals' a day.
\\ stood up in her crib all by herself
\\ started playing with her toys and entertaining herself with them
\\ smiles every morning when we go in her h room to wake her up.
She HATES being on her changing table. Whether it is to change her diaper and change her clothes, she squirms and cries until you pick her back up.
Her teething is getting OUT OF CONTROL. She chews on everything she can wrap her mouth around. We are still waiting for some teeth to pop through, but I don't think it is too far out.
This girl has stolen every piece of our hearts;

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cat's out of the bag...

Well, now that it is over, I can talk about our weekend.

My wonderful, patient, hero of a mother has spent the last 10 days in Boston helping my grandparents get through some medical problems. The things that she has been able to accomplish in this time frame is nothing short of a miracle. Her trip was originally supposed to only be Friday to Sunday. And then extended to Wednesday and now, here we are on Sunday (I'm typing from the plane) and she is finally on her way home. After deciding she would stay until Sunday, my dad decided he was going to fly up on Friday to help her out.... One thing led to another and he decided we should all go up. So, 4 airline tickets and unaccountable amounts of dollars later we were all on our way to Boston Friday afternoon (without my mom knowing we were coming!!). We landed at Logan Airport around 11:30pm on Friday and got to my moms hotel a little after midnight. She was so thrilled to see us all there! It was a very long 2 days for us, 10 days for her, but couldn't have imagined spending my weekend any other way.

I'll let pictures tell the rest of the trip;

We were NOT prepared for the 30 degree weather we landed in. So much so, that I wearing socks on my hands.
They are the two cutest people on the planet. They melt my heart. (Yes, I blurred out our red, puffy eyes.) 
Despite the looks, they were really happy to see us ;) 

& a collection of the beverages that got me through the weekend. 

Side note: it's possible I have the most amazing husband. Not wanting to take Abigail on a plane at the last minute for only 2 days, he worked some sort of magic and was able to get the whole weekend off and stayed home with her. While I know he LOVED spending time with his girl, I know he wanted to be with us. He pulled through in the best way possible. And it deserves a shout out! And I know, one day he will think back to that time that he spent the whole weekend with his daughter, only to have her blowout of a diaper and pee all over him & in a Ruby Tuesday bathroom SINK and laugh..... One day ;)

Monday is Abigail's half birthday! I can't believe we have a six month old!!

Happy Sunday Funday! I made the best of mine, 2 double vodkas; airplane style.