Friday, January 31, 2014

canvas art DIY

I have another SUPER easy DIY for you all today! 
I found this one on Pinterest & figured I would share my attempt with you all because it is so easy, takes such little time and turned out SO cute! 

I have been working hard to redecorate our spare bedroom. It is almost complete but it needed something else for a large wall we have. While I was cleaning out the closet, I came across a HUGE white canvas that we have had since our wedding. I remembered the Pinterest idea and figured I would give it a shot! 

What you will need: 
a white canvas (size doesn't matter)
paint in your colors of choice
painters tape

Since the room that this is going in has 3 gray walls and one purple wall, I decided to go with that theme. The colors I chose were black, gray and purple. 

Also, since this canvas was so big, once I started actually painting I realized that these sorry excuses for paintbrushes weren't going to cut it. I went out to the garage and got a REAL paintbrush. MUCH better idea. 

Place the painters tape on your canvas. I totally winged it. I just kept adding tape to places until I liked the design. 
Side note: if you are using a smaller canvas, cut the tape in half sized strips. You'll get a better design that way. 

my canvas with the tape complete. 

I didn't have a game plan as far as which colors went where. I just started painting and hoped for the best. 
Once you get all of your paint on the canvas, let it dry. I waited a solid 3 hours. 

Once the canvas is completely dry, rip off the tape. Be careful to take the top pieces of tape off first. 

& here is my finished product! 
Some of the paint got through the tape but I love the way it turned out. & see, wasn't that SO easy?! 

Like I said, this will go on a wall in our spare bedroom. Stay tuned for my post about what is looks like now! 

Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

life lately.

Oh, hi ya'll! 
Do you feel abandoned?! 
I've been super MIA lately & I wish I could tell you it was for good reason. But it's not. 
I've been lazy. & unmotivated. 

We have had a busy week & I figured photos would be a good way to catch you all up ;)  

Abigail got to hang out with her best friend, Mallory at her 1st birthday party. Billy was in charge of wagon rides and the girls loved it!!

We did some hammock lounging. 

& the best cake smash of all time occurred. 

This picture is included because it looks like she has a straight up Mohawk. I love this kids hair. I love it even more when people ask me if I style is that way. WHAT?! 

I have the very best view while blow drying my hair in the morning :) 

Back story: pretty much every day, billy gets Abigail ready for school while I'm getting ready for work. He goes into work an hour later than me, so it works well for us. Monday morning, while he was getting A dressed, I walked in and saw the outfit he had laying out. 
This is how the conversation went; 
Me: (pointing to the outfit) Is this what is happening today? 
Billy: yes, why? 
Me: do we think this matches?
Billy: um, it's hearts on hearts. So yeah. 
Guess what Abigail wore to school that day?! 
It's a work in progress people ;) 

I had to redeem our child so she wouldn't be the weird girl in class, so I picked out her cutest outfit to wear the next day. This is the best picture I could get. Model, she is not. ;) 

Knee cap hearts. I die. 

My tissue paper garland found it's home in Abigail's room! I love that way it turned out and think it brings her room together perfectly! 

I made myself a vanity for my room out of an old desk we weren't using. It still needs a few things (like a light) but I love it! I'm able to open the blinds to get natural light in and it's nice being able to sit down and do my makeup every morning. 

Also worth mentioning;
 remember that trip that I was totally stressing out over but super excited to go on with my little family?! Well, it's been postponed. We are hoping to reschedule it in March but have no set plans yet. Billy got a promotion at work (oh heyyyy General Manager!!) so we had to push it back so he could tackle all of his new (huge) responsibilities. 
We are bummed, but SO proud of him! He has worked so hard and totally deserves it!! 

That's all I've got for today! 

I've got another fun AND EASY diy coming your way tomorrow! And hopefully our spare bedroom reveal coming next week! 

Happy day after hump day! ;) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

picture frame art. (easy diy).

Are you guys ready for the easiest DIY project to ever hit the internet?! It takes about 10 minutes to complete, doesn't require sewing or glue gunning AND I think the total cost was somewhere around $4. Seriously, easiet project ever and it turned out so cute! 

Let's get started, shall we? 

I went to Target home of identity theft, and purchased two of their cutest gift bags in different sizes. 

I grabbed two white ikea frames not being used in my house, but if you need to buy them, they are cheap. 

& a pair of scissors. 

Yes, that's all you need. 

Next, I cut the 'front' of the bags off so I was only working with one layer of paper. It was a rough cut, no measuring or really thinking about it. Just make sure it's bigger that your frame. 

I took the piece of the bag that I just cut and laid it upside down. I took the back of the picture frame and placed in on the top of the bag and cut around it. Again, it was a rough cut. No measuring or straight lines. Just make sure to not make your cut smaller than the frame this time.

Once it's cut, fit the designed side of the bag on the glass piece of the frame. You may have to trim it up some to make sure it lays flat. Place the back on the frame and secure it. 

& there you have it! Told you it was the easiest ;)


I also tackled my tissue paper tassel garland last night and love the way it turned out. I used this tutorial from Pillow Thought

It's not perfect & it doesn't look as good as the ones you can buy from Etsy but those are $40 and this one cost me $6. And I made it myself!! ;) we hung it in our bedroom last night just to 'store' it, but it's permanent home will be in Abigail's room. 
I'm also planning out the colors for my next one to go in our guest bedroom! 

Happy Thursday, friends! It's almost the weekbeerend! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

potential for disaster. hoping for the best.

Two weeks. That my friends, is the amount of time I have left until my little family of 3 packs up the car full of everything we own all the necessities and road trips it to Virginia. Two weeks is also the amount of time I will be running around like a lunatic and making lists on lists of things I think we might need. Because it my mind, if we forget it, we are screwed. Except I’m pretty sure Virginia has stores so…. Chill the eff out chick!

We decided that driving was the only way to go, since we have so much stuff. So much stuff in fact, that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around packing it all. What can I pack ahead of time, what do I have to leave out until the last minute? What needs to go in the trunk and what needs to stay up from with me? Suggestions Xanax,  anyone?

The actual drive scares me too. We are going to spend time with Billy’s family and they live about as North in Virginia as you can get.White House style. So the drive is about 12 hours, with no stops. So let’s call it 15 hours in the car. With an almost 9 month old. Who likes to MOVE.

I think we are toying with the idea of leaving at night, right around Abigail’s bedtime, with the hopes that she will sleep the majority of the car ride. Billy has done the drive through the night a bunch of times and it will really cut down on the amount of stops we have to make for diaper changes and feedings. 

The drive home will be a different story. We won't be leaving at night. We will have a wide awake baby, in the car for 15 or so hours. We are planning on getting a DVD player to try and entertain Abs and I'll be able to jump back and forth from the front to the back when I need to. We plan on taking our time and I'll try and convince Billy to stop at South of the Border for photo ops. Baby sombrero anyone?! ;) 

We are so excited to get up there and spend time with his family and friends! 
See you all so soon! 

Side note: Thanks to a lovely website that bashes bloggers & my blog being brought up on it, I had my best blog day to date (in terms of page views). Hope some of you stick around, if you don't hate it too much :) 

& for a fun change of events, here are all the outtake photos from the little photo session I had with baby girl this morning. 
Can't win em all. 

Anyone with suggestions on how to handle the packing and traveling for a road trip with a baby, feel free to leave me some comments!! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm almost ashamed to admit that we bought our house a year and a half ago and it STILL is not decorated the way that I want it to be. Well, I take that back... It was at one point. But I am so indecisive about each room that I end up redoing them four billion times. Sorry husband.

We have a four bedroom, 3 full bath house. Obviously the master room is ours and we have the nursery, but the other two rooms have kind of been a free for all (or collectors of all the junk we have in our house).

Let me just show you a few pictures of what these two extra rooms look like right now.... this is no filter, no editing, no cleaning up... what you see is what I get.  I give you... the complete shit storm.

//picture one: 

we've got a couch, elliptical and 14 guitars. this was at one point the spare bedroom. & then an office. & now we are attempting to have it be a 'media/workout' room.

my inspiration via pinterest:

I love the bright colors in the first two photos (which is weird, considering I love black and white for EVERYTHING in my house). & I also love the tv mounted on the wall to clear up space, with the added shelves for a clean look. The room is small, but I think if I actually dedicated some time to it, instead of just passing by it everyday hoping the magical decorating fairies visited, I can accomplish what I am looking for.

Moving on.

//picture two.

blog land: meet our sorry excuse for a spare bedroom. woof. you can tell we get TONS of visitors, right? First of all, how creepy is it that there is a sign hanging over the SPARE room bed that says 'The Huffs'. The bed has turned into a collection of games (i spy Jenga and Operation) & canvas prints of my child. 

my inspiration via pinterest; 

to be quite honest. if i didn't think is was absolutely necessary to have a proper guest room in our house, i would just turn the whole damn thing into a giant closet. husband thinks this is a bad idea. what a buzz kill ;) 

from the looks of it, i have my work cut out for me but I'm determined to get my house done! May 10th is the deadline. That is when we will be hosting our first party at our house. Abigail's 1st birthday! Mark your calendars. & get ready for a fun post on plans that I've been scheming for this thing since the day I found out we were having a girl!

& that about does it for me. I just found dried up bananas stuck to my face. thanks kid. #timeforwine

Friday, January 17, 2014

friday favorites.

happy friday, friends! 

::here are a few of the things I'm loving lately:: 

//1. Tree Stump Side Table
I keep dropping hints to my amazingly awesome husband that i REALLY want one of these tables. It would be perfect in our guest room and I love the look of it. 

//2. I've been eyeing paper tassel garland on Etsy a lot lately. But they are expensive. Or, more expensive than I want to spend on a string of tissue paper. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and I think I'm going to have to try it out this weekend. It will probably turn into a hot mess and I'll probably have tissue paper coming out of my eyeballs, but it's worth a shot. Stay tuned for the results ;) 

I'm so excited & I love them! I already want another pair in a fun color, but these are perfect for practical wear. They are so comfortable and make me want to take feet selfies. all. day. long. 

//4. This past weekend at my sisters wedding, I walked into the room where the hair and makeup ladies were and started brushing my very wet hair. I thought the hair dresser was going to have a heart attack. She told me my hair was going to break off from brushing it the way i was and that I needed this new invention called a wet brush. So I went out and bought one. Holy shit, you guys. This brush is amazing. The bristles are soft, which makes it feel like you are brushing your hair with a glob full of conditioner, without the conditioner. Seriously, go buy one. 

//5. Target Dollar Spot finds. 
I love my glitter bow and it makes my messy hair look a little bit better. AND it was only a BUCK! 

Have a great weekend!! 

Housewife Glamour

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a day in the life. 01.14.14

as promised, here is my first edition of 'a day in the life'. phew, it was actually a lot of work remembering to take pictures of the little things that I do on a daily basis. 

this tuesday was a little different than normal. billy pretty much always has tuesdays off of work. but this one was different because abigail stayed home with daddy today. she wasn't feeling great, so we kept her out of school. 

here is what a not-so-typical tuesday looks like for us. 

my alarm goes off bright & early at 5:30am. i don't usually crawl out of my big, comfy bed until about 6am though. first stop; a HUGE cup of green tea (read also; i hate coffee).

i try & get some work done while i drink my tea, before everyone else wakes up. it is the most quiet my house is all day so it's easy to concentrate and get things accomplished. i usually pay bills, write posts & check the news social media.

shower, hair & makeup is next. organizing in on my very long list of things to do. this makeup drawer is a hot mess. 

8am; this is how my kid wakes up. every. single. morning. she is so happy. billy & i usually fight over who gets to go in and wake her up. we usually settle it in a complete adult like way. playing rock, paper, scissors. (grow up peter pan)
side note: we usually have to wake A up around 7am everyday. but since Billy was staying home with her, we let her sleep until I had to leave for work. 

the weather in florida has been crazier than Lindsay Lohan after a 3 day bender. seriously, 80 degrees one day, 32 the next. i can't keep up. so i layer. 

my view as i was leaving my house to go to work. how badly do you think i wanted to just plop back down and call it a day after seeing this? 
my 3 loves. 
not pictured; the mound of clean clothes that is still was piled next to Billy. 

8:30am (should be 8:15, sorry boss)
i always start my day with more tea and my handy dandy notebook. this thing is my life. it organizes my life. i'm planning on doing a whole post on it. but it houses my to do list, shopping lists, bills to pay, paid bills, important documents and papers. 

a preview of my 'to do' list. i actually made this template after seeing something similar on Pinterest. It keeps me in check for all of the days important things. 

a group of girls in my office hit the pavement usually twice a day. we walk a mile each time and then climb the 5 flights of stairs back to our office. it sucks & we all sound like we have emphysema when we get back, but it is nice to get some fresh air. 

taking a work break to pick out food for my dads birthday celebration tonight. 

i love dodging people and riding the elevator all the way down to the first floor by myself. there is nothing worse than the awkward elevator silence and stares. 

i walked out of my office building to go to lunch & to my surprise, billy & abigail were waiting for me in the parking lot to take me to lunch! we decided on a quite bite at chills. we haven't been in quite some time and i was surprise to see these computers at each table. you can order apps, drinks, food, pay your check (including swiping your card, tipping & signing). so clever! 

my lunch dates ;) 

3pm looked a little something like this. 
chatting with comcast to get them to take my cable equipment back. i might hate comcast as much as bright house. (did i just say that?!
direct tv; you have my heart. 

i got home earlier than usual since i wasn't picking up the munchkin from daycare. i relieved daddy of his duties and sent him on a (relaxing?!) run. 

i started on my mama duties. 

& had play time. daddy came back around 6pm.

is bathtime. every night. homegirl gets pissed when she stays up past 7pm. 
we put her to sleep with a bottle every night & she falls fast asleep. & yes, if you are paying attention, we do put her to bed at 7pm and she doesn't wake up until 7/8am the next morning. 
we know how lucky we are. 
dont hate us. 

mama worked out & watched some DVR'd shows to numb the pain of sweat dripping in my eyes. 
so dramatic. 

& billy cooks dinner. 
(i know, i'm a lucky gal.)

in between working out & dinner, i started our taxes. how boring. & couldn't snap any pictures without someone out there stealing my identity, again

this is how i ended my day. 
pictured in the corner: bath bombs, bath salts & bubble bars. 
mama loves her baths. 

my phone went on the charger across the room at 10:33pm. 
also, I think you can tell a lot about a person by what the first page of their iPhone looks like ;)