Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Birthday & Mother's Day Gift Guide

We have SO many exciting occasions coming up in the next few weeks!!
My 28th birthday is next Wednesday & then Abigail's FIRST birthday, my mom's birthday AND Mother's Day are ALL next Sunday. Yes, I had Abigail on my mothers birthday day.
Last year their birthdays fell on the day before Mother's Day, this year it is all packed into one, super fun day!
I thought it would be fun (& helpful to my husband) if I put together some of my favorite items that would be fun to receive for upcoming special occasions!
First up, I am dying for a new camera!
I'm just about over only having my iPhone to take photos of my girl and want to graduate to a big girl camera. I've done some research and asked a few of my favorite bloggers what they use and this one looks perfect.
Obviously, a cute camera strap is a MUST. & this one tops my list!
My dad was kind enough to lend me an extra camera that he had laying around so even if the above purchase isn't made, this camera strap would still be SUPER helpful.
Going along with the theme, a camera tripod would be perfect! The camera bundle above comes with a tripod, but if I were to just use the one my dad lent to me, I would love a tripod to use it with!
I've been eyeing the next two items for a while now. I have terrible RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) and it likes to flare up quite frequently. Everytime I'm laying in bed tossing and turning  kicking and screaming  I think about how nice it would be to be able to work my muscles out with one of these!


 What I would consider to be a PERFECT Mother's Day gift is this personalized necklace. I love the look of the gold bar and I would love to have Abigail's initials put on one. I love the font and placement of the writing on the left side, as well.

Next up is a fun, new pair of sneakers!
The pair I have now are going on 3 years old. They have seen better days. & I can't wear them on the treadmill or elliptical anymore because they are too tight and my toes go numb. Not fun!
I absolutely love the color and look of this pair of Nikes.
Size 7.5 please ;)

And last, but CERTAINLY not least....
What every mother wants (& deserves!!).... A SPA DAY!
The girls in my family were gifted a spa day at this particular spa for Christmas, but we haven't cashed in on it yet.
I think it's time girls ;)


& there we have it! My Ultimate Birthday/Mother's Day Wish List!
What is on yours?!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our weekend.

Oh, what a Monday.
It started off by sitting in traffic for two hours just to get to work & it will end with a chiropractic adjustment and hour long massage after work.
Good with the bad, I'll take it ;)
We had a pretty laid back weekend. Nothing overly exciting happened, but I still managed to take lots of pictures!
Our girl is turning into such a little lady!
She loves mamas purse and is ROCKING those jellie shoes!

We spent Sunday lounging at my parents pool. Our legs are probably numb in this photo, it was still too cold to actually get it. But it was beautiful outside & Abigail loved dipping her feet in :)

A few beverages were had due to the project that I knew I had waiting for me when I got home that night...

IKEA furniture. What a bitch. But totally worth it.
I spent Sunday night putting together our brand new patio furniture and I am absolutely in love with it!
The table opens up to be an eight-seater, so we need a few more chairs and it actually wasn't all that bad to put together. Probably the easiest IKEA piece I've done so far.

Isn't she pretty?! :)

How was your weekend, friends?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites & the giveaway winner!

First things first, thank you to EVERYONE who entered into my Mothers Organic/Boba Carrier giveaway! I wish I could give one away to every single one of you! 
With that being said, congratulations to RACHEL! You are the winner for leaving a blog comment on my post! 
You will receive an email from me today with more details. 

*Rafflecopter picks winners automatically and at complete random. The only control I have over the winners is checking to make sure the winner completed the qualifying task.* 

-- Moving on to my favorite things this week -- 

|| Stonyfield Smoothies ||
These are saving our lives right now. 
Abigail has decided that she does NOT want formula anymore and isn't a fan of whole milk. I've had to come up with different ways to make sure she is getting the fat and calcium she is missing from the milk. When I'm not up for busting out the blender and making up my own concoction for her, I dump one of these into her zippy and she slops it right up! 

|| A bottle free drying rack ||
We have officially packed away all of the bottles in the house. Baby girl is officially off of them. It makes me happy because that means no more buying stupid expensive formula but it means by baby is really growing up!! 

|| Crafting ||
I'm doing a lot of DIY and crafting projects for Abigail's First Birthday Bash. Last night I tackled making wash tape toothpicks to stick in the food platters we are getting for the party. I'm pretty sure I have gold glitter stuck to my corneas, but I just know Abigail will love it and remember it forever. Nope, never mind. This is 100% for me. ;) 

|| The contents of this package ||
I can't share WHAT came in this beauty of a bag this week. But I can tell you it made me super happy and excited! If you know the company, I'm sure you know what was in it. Everyone else, you'll have to wait and see! 
A review and giveaway is coming up in the relatively near future. 
Someone's first birthday, perhaps?! 

& I just realized all of my favorites are centered around Abigail this week. 
I don't hate it ;) 

Thank you to Heather for the linkup! 

Have a fantastic weekend, friends! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kids are disgusting.

Sometimes, writing topics for this blog are hard to come up with. Sometimes my brain just can't think of anything worthy of anyone else's time. 
This post isn't one of them. 

Kids are disgusting. Even my own. 
Sometimes I would say ESPECIALLY my own. 

Explaining my reasoning behind this very harsh, very true statement will require to take you on a journey through my day yesterday. 

Let's start from the beginning, shall we

6:30am rolls around and Abigail is screaming for dear life in her crib (totally out of character for her as she usually sleeps until we wake her or sits quietly in her crib talking to herself until we come get her). Billy & I run to her room and are quickly smacked in the face by the god awful smell as we walk through the door. We look at each other and say 'SHIT!'. We meant it literally and figuratively. Sure enough, we pick her up out of her crib and she has crap up to her ears. (It's worth noting that she had mushy black beans for dinner the night before...hey, if I had to see it, so should you!) After a quick & very careful strip down, homegirl gets plopped straight into the bathtub. 

Bath done. 
Time for breakfast. 

Breakfast consisted of yogurt and a pancake. 
Yes, twice. Because as soon as she was done eating it, she choked herself and puked it all up. 

Bath number 2 of the day. 

What seemed like 800 hours later, Abigail was dropped off at school and I was settled into my desk at work. Not 3 hours later I received a call from daycare. 'Hi mommy, it looks like Abigail might have pink eye. Her eye is kind of red. You need to come pick her up and she can only come back with a doctors note.' 
Oh, perfect. 
I hightail it to the school while on the phone with her pediatrician to get an appointment right away. 

I pick her up from school only to find that her eyes look perfectly normal. But she is still only allowed back with a doctors note. We get to the pediatrician and Abigail has a meltdown the second she sets eyes on the scale. She knows what's coming and she doesn't want any part of it. 
Thirty minutes of complete melting down, we get a clean bill of health.  No pink eye, no ear infections and a doctors note to go back to school. I drop her back off at school and I head back to work, first having to stop at Target to buy a new shirt because the one I was wearing was now covered in snot

She makes it through the rest of the day at school & I pick her up at 5:15pm to find that her eye now has yellow gunk hanging out of it. Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me?! 

Yes, folks. My child has pink eye from playing with her poop. 

We finally make it home and I walk into our house which smells of the shit stained PJs that are still sitting on our washing machine and the puke filled high chair that we didn't have time to clean that morning. 
I clean up and make Abigail some dinner. To which she finds entertaining to chew up, spit out and then place it in mommys hand. Laughing her ass off the entire time. 

Bath number 3 of the day occurs and this mama is happy that bedtime is near.
 As I go to diaper and dress my sweet, sweet baby she decides, mid diaper rash cream application to start farting on my hands. & giggling. 

I can't make this stuff up, people. 

True life: kids are disgusting. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

an afternoon at the park

my rockstar husband brought Abigail up to visit me at work yesterday. she hasn't been in since she started walking and it was so fun to see her RUNNING around the office, up and down the halls like she owned the damn place. 

We headed home around 5pm and quickly decided that we didn't want the fun to end just yet. We made a pit stop at the park on the way into our neighborhood for some sliding and swinging! 

|| here is a look at our impromptu afternoon in the park ||

I think she went up & down this slide 50 times. Every time she would slide down, she would immediately stand up and start climbing back up the slide, look over at her daddy for a helping hand & repeat. Her face going down was nothing short of amazing.
I have a video of it, but it won't imbed properly into this post. You can check out my instgram to see it ;)

And then....

She peed all over me.
This is what happens when you stop at the park unexpectedly without a diaper change.
Pee overflow.
It was totally worth it. 

Don't forget to enter my Mothers Organic/Boba Giveaway! You can enter everyday! & you can earn an extra entry by sharing my Facebook posts about the giveaway!
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linking up with Jess & Ashley today!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Mothers Organic Review & Giveaway!

You guys, I am SO beyond excited for this post today!! 

About a month ago, I was trolling around on Instagram looking for a few more mommy/baby accounts to follow (because really, is it ever TOO many?!) and I came across the Mothers Organic account. I couldn't have hit the follow button fast enough! Shortly after hitting 'follow', Abigail decided it was time to wake up from her nap with a full diaper of surprises, so I shut down my iPad and continued on with my day. Fast forward to an hour later and I logged back on to Instagram and found myself with a ton of notifications from Mothers Organic! Turns out, I was their 3000th follower and they wanted to gift me with a Boba carrier of my choice! Talk about an AMAZING company!!! 

Wondering what Mothers Organic is all about? 
Mothers Organic is an online baby store specializing in eco-friendly and organic products for moms, babies, kids and families. They carry a full line of products for families, including bath and skincare, eco-friendly toys, cloth diaper accessories, newborn essentials, baby slings and carriers, bottles and feeding accessories, health and home essentials and much more. Their motto is simple – happy shopping for the everyday eco mama. Why? Because they've been there before – checking out labels on baby products not knowing which ones were safe for our kids. They know how it feels to be overwhelmed with information. That’s why they created Mothers Organic.They wanted to make it easy to shop for eco alternatives for you and your baby – whether you’re just starting out with eco-friendly products or a seasoned green shopper. 

Sounds amazing, right?! 
Now, I will be the first one to admit, the Huff family doesn't roll completely organic. However, we definitely make better choices when it comes to things for Abigail. We switched to greener household cleaners, bath soaps and lotions and have dabbled in greener toys. Mothers Organic makes making the switch to healthier living SO easy and convenient! 
I'm totally eyeing these Pura Sippy Cups and this Luca & Company Art Station! I'm thinking they will end up on Abigail's 1st birthday wish list in May ;) 

I chose the Boba 4g Carrier in Safari as my gift for being their 3000th Instagram follower and I absolutely love it! 
I seriously can't say enough wonderful things about this carrier! 

Here is a little bit about it-- 
The Boba Carrier 4G is a soft-structured baby carrier that's versatile for carrying newborns (without needing an infant insert) and toddlers alike. Designed to carry children on front or back with a unique fit that "hugs" your child to your body. Ideal for babies and children between 7-45 lbs and comfortably fits parents between 5'0" to 6'3" (with a waistband range of 25-58"). This carrier includes a number of features such as: removable sleeping hood, removable food straps, easy adjustments for nursing on the go, multiple pockets for storage and much more. Made from 100% cotton.

Abigail (at almost a year old!!) sits so comfortably in the Boba and her weight is supported and distributed really well, so hopefully I won't need a back replacement by the age of 35 ;) This carrier is perfect for newborns or toddlers & I can't wait to test it out at a theme park or the beach in the Florida Summer! 

And now for the BEST part! 

Mothers Organic has so graciously offered to giveaway a Boba carrier of choice to a Baby A & Mama J reader!! 

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below! 
The giveaway will be open until Friday, April 25th. 
Good luck!! 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Basket Goodies

First things first, if you are a mama, mama to be or have any mama friends, there are a few VERY exciting things coming down the pipeline in the form of GIVEAWAYS!! I've partnered with two AMAZING companies who are offering Baby A and Mama J readers some amazing prizes! The first one is coming as soon as MONDAY! So spread the word to every mama you know.. You (& they!) are not going to want to miss what's coming!! 
Moving on, Easter is this weekend!
 On one hand I can't believe it is already Easter, on the other I cant believe it is so late in April! Either way, it's Abigail's first Easter & this mama is pumped!!
 I've put together a small assortment of Easter goodies for my girl to have on Sunday morning. And I'm not even going to lie to you all right now, I think I spent a total of $11 on this entire creation. Target dollar spot for the win!!
I'm trying to build her book collection & this one I found at SAMs club is perfect! It is a touch & feel book so it has fuzzy ears, whiskers you can touch and a mirror on the last page for baby girl to look at her beautiful mug! 

The rest of the items came straight from the dollar spot at Target.
A large bubble wand, small bunny bubbles, sidewalk chalk with a bunny holder, bunny ears, a fuzzy stuffed cow, some eggs that will double as bath toys & a tradional basket.


I hope you all have the best Easter!
 Family, bunnies, food & maybe a mimosa or eight is on the agenda for this girl! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April ipsy Review

Fact: I used to be an obsessive monthly subscription box subscriber. 
At one point I think I had 10 or 11 boxes coming to me every month. Woof! That was an expensive habit which quickly died once I started paying $4278 a month in daycare. 

I recently decided to add ONE, just one back into my monthly routine. & I decided on Ipsy (& it's not just because my phone and computer autocorrect it's name to TIPSY, although that helps!)

What is tipsy
ipsy  (<-- affiliate link!) is a monthly membership where subscribers receive a Glam Bag with 5-6 deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products each month. All products come in a monthly themed makeup bag & it all only costs $10 a month

This month's theme was beauty rocks! & all the goodies came in this cute bag. 

All of the items are shipped in bright pink bubble mailers and it was so fun to have a surprise, BRIGHT colored piece of mail in my mailbox today!


// benefit lolli-tint
this tint it for your cheeks and lips. it is a bit bright, but I feel like I could rock it for a special night out. 

//Cailyn tinted lip balm
again, BRIGHT. But still fun! I'll keep it around for any potential 80's parties I attend ;) 

//city color white gold shadow
i LOVE this! The color is really me & it is a mousse so it goes on perfectly! 

//urban decay glide-on eye pencil
this eyeliner is PERFECT! I was in desperate need of a new one & this is a great sized sample. 

//kiss false eyelashes
I always love having a few pairs of fake eyelashes laying around. you never know when you are going to want to slap a pair on! 

So fun, right?!
I'm super pumped about my first box of goodies! 

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moments I never want to forget

Thanks for the sweet link up, Jess!

Last night was one of those nights that I never want to forget.

I was sitting next to Abigail as she was eating dinner in her highchair, feeling sad because her hair is starting to lay down and lose it's spike, she has 4 more teeth coming in and she was dancing to Ellen in her seat. My baby is growing up. 

& then we got to bath time and she reminded me that growing up is A-OK. 

We have foam letters than she plays with in the bathtub. She usually just bites them but tonight was different. She handed me the purple 'F' so I stuck it on my forehead. She belly laughed so hard I saw bubbles come up from her butt in the water. The letter fell into the water and she immediately picked it up and handed it to me to do it again. So I did. & I got the same reaction (sans bubbles). It fell, she picked it up & handed it to me. This went on probably 7 more times. On the 8th time, instead of her handing it TO me, she wanted to stick it on my forehead for me.

We laughed and laughed for what seemed like an eternity and I thought to myself that THESE are the moments I want to remember forever. 

You're allowed to grow up baby girl, just not too fast ;) 


Monday, April 14, 2014

a stomach flu, a steak dinner & a baby.

Well, THIS was an interesting weekend.
I'll spare you the details of my thursday & friday (& saturday, sunday and monday if we are getting technical) but I came down with yet ANOTHER stomach bug. & this is the worst one yet. I haven't had a real meal in 4 days & its taken me the same amount of time to drink ONE Gatorade.
But whatever, lets move on to FUN things, because I'm sick of talking about myself always being sick.
Billy & my anniversary was this past Wednesday & my dad surprised us with a reservation and gift card to Ruth's Chris for Saturday night. We were pumped for a kid-free date night!

The three tiny pieces of $43 steak I ate were delicious and the mounds of food that I watched Billy demolish looked equally amazing. We were surprised with the cutest little display of dessert at the end of our meal & we couldn't have had a better time (well, minus the stomach bug)!

Sunday, we woke up kid-free again (thanks mom and dad) and had BIG plans of getting a bunch of projects done around the house.
Until 11:30am when my dad called to tell me where we would be spending our Sunday....
Sister was in labor!
We rushed over to my parents house and as soon as we got there, I dragged my sisters pregnant self into the bathroom to straighten her hair.

This one melts my heart.
 This was taken about 5 minutes after Abigail face planted on the tile floor of the hospital. My poor girl.

Nathan SUPER PUMPED to become a big brother!

My sister is what I am now referring to as the Jimmy John's of pregnant women.
She delivers 'freaky fast'.
She was admitted into the hospital around 1:30pm.
& after ONE push her baby girl was in her arms at 6:15pm.
Freak of nature.
If you're wondering if this is a genetic thing, go ahead and take a look at this post.
It's not. & I hate her a little for it ;)
Addison Hallie Lund
Born 04/13/2014
6lbs 8ozs.
19 1/4 in long.
Welcome to the world, baby girl!
 (& yes, she looks disgustingly perfect after labor as well.)