Thursday, May 29, 2014

Picture Dump

Well, I have yet another stomach virus under my getting skinnier belt. This one hit the family on Memorial Day and yes folks, if you are keeping score, that is my 5th one since the beginning of the year. When I set my mind to something, I really go for it.

Anyways, I don't have that much time for blogging today. I'm eyebrow deep in actual work, since my work computer decided to get my stomach virus yesterday too. So what I have for you instead is a whole lot of pictures from the past couple of days.
Not included; are any of the family/Abigail one year photos we had taken on Sunday. I'm still waiting on getting them back from the photographer, but the handful that I have seen turned out beyond perfect! I can't wait to show you all!!

& before I dump all of my photos on you, here's a frog update....
Scooter is no where to be found. At this point, I fully imagine him having a pool party (cocktails included) in the toilet during the day when we are at work, and then hiding in the pipes at night when we are home. I'm sure it is a cozy little home for him, but it still makes me a little uneasy every time I have to pee (or throw up for that matter).

Now on to the past few days...

My sister stayed with us for the long weekend.
She gave me a newborn to play with, I gave her a stomach virus. You're welcome, sis!
But before the virus kicked in, we both chowed down (some more than others, cough, Jaclyn, cough!) on the heaven in a tub that is talenti gelato. dead.
I'm also winning at dog sitting for my parents.

T-4 hours until puke fest 3000 came barreling into the house. Nathan sure appreciated this cuddle fest we had come Wednesday morning when HE had his head in the toilet too.
We eat breakfast in bed at Auntie Jenn's house.
Side Note: we will never eat breakfast in bed at Auntie Jenn's house again.
My bed still smells like maple syrup and dried up milk. & yes, I've washed the sheets. Smart ass.
This cute picture was taken about 5 seconds before my darling child decided chicken, cheese and animals crackers weren't going to cut it for dinner and hulk smashed the entire plate of food onto the ground.
Dogs: 1 Mama: 0
& then she looks like this and I remember that she can pretty much do whatever she wants and she still melts my heart.
That's all I've got today. I know, riveting stuff.
I'll be back soon (maybe tomorrow?) with some exciting things!
That's a lie, I have nothing exciting. But come back anyways ;)


Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Princess & The Frog.

Once upon a time there was a Princess (me), living in a magical land (Orlando) who found herself needing therapy on a Thursday morning.
The story goes a little something like this;
The Princesses alarm goes off at 6:15am, Thursday morning. The Princess doesn't want to get out of bed, so her loving husband (Prince?) gets up and grabs the crying baby from the other room.
20 minutes later, the Princess finally decides to get her ass in gear and gets out of bed. She heads straight to the bathroom for her 'morning routine'. The first thing the Princess does in the morning is brush her teeth and she completes the task with flying colors.
Next on the to do list is to pee. Hey, all Princesses do it, right? She heads over to the toilet and lifts the lid only to be greeted by the worlds biggest, most disgusting FROG on the face of the planet. The Princess starts screaming, slams the lid down, with tears in her eyes, yelling for her Prince. Her Prince prepares to do the typical 'grab a shoe, roll up sleeves, be a man and kill the bug' routine expect in between screams the Princess tries to tell him he isn't going to need the shoe.
The Prince goes into the bathroom, lifts the lid and is also startled by what he finds. It really is the worlds biggest frog! After shutting the lid again and discussing what the plan of action what going to be, The Prince and the Princess decide they have to scoop the frog out to save its very large, warty, greenish/brownish life.
Except Mr. Frog had another plan.
And that plan was the exit the exact way he entered.
Through the toilet.
The Prince named him Scooter.
So where does that leave the Princess, you ask? Scared to use her toilet & wondering what else could possibly find it's way through the drain in the middle of the night.
Therapy; Party of 1!
UPDATE: This is Scooter. And I took this picture tonight, when I got home from work. Yes, he is back. Just sitting in the toilet. & I am sitting in the fetal position on the couch, crying... waiting for Billy to get home to handle this situation. 

Disclaimer: No frogs were harmed in the making of this story (I think). & also, this really is a true story. This is how I woke up this morning & no, I don't think I'm ever going to recover.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A post about poop.

This whole parenting thing is funny.
I feel like I could write an entire book on the subject of poop at this point.
If you follow me on my personal Facebook account, you have already had a glimpse into the story that I am about to tell and if not, well you're in for a real treat.
We have a pretty standard night time routine in our house as far as Abigail goes. When we get home, we play for a bit, around 6pm we fix her some dinner and then immediately after, she goes into the bath, gets PJs and goes to bed. She likes to go to bed around 6:30pm every night (we have tried to keep her up later, but she won't stay up) so we try and squeeze in as much playtime as possible from the time we get home from work until 6:30.
Lately, Abigail has expressed an interest in 'being free' after we take her diaper off and before she gets in the bathtub. She likes to run around naked and Billy & I don't have a problem with that because what could possibly be cuter than seeing baby butt cheeks running around the house? Nothing, nothing is cuter than that.
Monday night, Billy and I were going through the motions of our bedtime routine, getting everything in order. Abigail ate dinner and I took her out of her highchair and stripped her down while Billy filled the bathtub. A was running around and Billy and I were just watching her, laughing.
And then she stopped in her tracks, not moving or making any noise with her face turned away from us.
We immediately knew what was happening.
I scooped her up and started screaming 'SHE'S NAKED AND SHE'S POOPING! SHE'S POOPING!'! Not knowing what to do, I run into her room and out of nowhere, my hero of a husband grabs a diaper and catches. the. poop. Literally. With moves like that, I'm expecting a call from the Red Sox any day now. Surely they need a catcher with impeccable reflexes.
So you're next question might be, 'How was Abigail reacting while you were screaming in her ears that she was about to crap-stain your white living room rug?' And the answer to that would be, she thought it was hysterical. Belly laughs, snot out the nose, tears in her eyes, hysterical.
You and me kid, we share different ideas of funny.
So there we have it folks, another post about poop.
I would have such a bigger problem with it if she weren't so damn cute.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Abigail's FIRST Birthday Party!

No matter how many times I say it, I don't think Abigail being ONE has completely set in yet.
When we realized that her birthday was going to fall on Mother's Day this year, we knew having her party on that weekend was going to be a no-go. So this past weekend was the one we chose and I am SO glad we did! We had a great turn out with most of our closest friends and family being able to celebrate with us and the weather was nothing short of a miracle.
I'm convinced Forest Gump was talking about Florida's weather and NOT life or a box of chocolates, you really don't know what you're going to get.
For some reason, my photos are looking a little grainy. I don't know if it is the computer or my camera, but it's the best I can do.
We also didn't get too many photos. I was so focused on entertaining and enjoying myself, that I slacked on the picture taking.
We kept the decorations pretty simple.
The playroom was transformed into the cake smash area & it was my favorite decor of the party.
 I just love how it turned out.
I bought the paper flags from Target (for $2!!) and used gold glitter construction paper to cut out the O-N-E letters.
I had this chalkboard poster printed with a few details of Abigail's first year of life.
Obsessed is an understatement!
We will be using it as a prop in her one year photos we are getting done this weekend!
I also picked up this piece of wood/tree stump from Michael's and had everyone write a message to the birthday girl on it in sharpie. The end result turned out amazing!
Knowing that Abigail would never remember her first birthday party, I wanted to make sure she had a few pieces from the party to keep forever. The poster and guest book tree stump were perfect for that!
I used clear treat bags and custom made stickers and filled them with pink iced animal crackers for the kids to take home with them!

I used different colored pink construction paper and cut out flags for the Happy Birthday sign. I also used the paper as a background for Abigail's monthly photo updates that I had printed and displayed. It was so fun to look back at each month of her life and read what she was doing at that time :)
We kept the drinks easy with a strawberry lemonade & a SPIKED strawberry lemonade, bottle water and a beer fridge stocked to the brim.

I lost my mind decided to make the smash cake and cupcakes for the party.
Fully prepared to admit that all of it was store bought, boxed mixes. Thanks, Better Crocker!
I piped the icing on the cupcakes and decorated them with bright pink sprinkles and gold washi tape flags that I made and stuck on toothpicks.
I used food coloring to make the pink icing on the smash cake and topped it with edible gold stars.

We had a bubble station to distract the kids ;)

It wasn't long before our baby's first birthday party turned into something that resembled a frat party.
Also worth noting, that table looks incredibly tiny, but rest assured, it was a 6 footer, my husband is just a giant.

& a picture to frame and give to my daughter on her 21st birthday.
Stay classy, Huff family.

I expected the cake smash to be an epic shit show, complete with a post 'Happy Birthday' singing meltdown but homegirl surprised us all and held it together like a champ!
After we blew her candles out for her, we let her go to town.
She wasn't as into it as I had hoped (especially after I stuck her head in it. Mom of the Year!) , but she was a big fan of sticking her little hands in the frosting and rubbing them on everything, including my dress. Karma is a bitch ;)

We got so many amazing gifts for our girl and I can't thank everyone enough!
 This girl is going to be the most stylish chick in the neighborhood.
Yes, those are sparkly, pink Toms!
Thanks, Chels!

We had such a great day with everyone who came out to help us celebrate our sweet baby girl!
Thank you to everyone who wished her a happy birthday!
& thank you to all of you who stick around here to listen to my crazy stories ;)

Words of advice to look back on for next year....
Number One: Include 'only accepting no assembly required gifts' on the invitations.
Number Two: No more birthday parties until she can plan them herself.
Which solves the first problem ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Winner, Winner.

I'm popping in really quick, in between cleaning up beer bottles and bubbles to announce the winner of the Freshly Picked Moccasins giveaway! 

Thank you to everyone who entered and I wanted to say HI! to all of my new followers! 
Stick around, we have lots of fun around here ;) 

Congrats to you, Shelly (mwolski214)!! You won for following Baby A & Mama J on Instagram! 

I promise to email you tomorrow, once my life/house are back in a working order! 
So. Much. Glitter.

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

This girl sure did! 

Come back tomorrow for a full FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY recap! :) 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Whole Lot of Recapping!

3 mothers on Mother's Day
2 Birthdays
1 Urgent Care visit
& one exhausted mama.
Our weekend in a nutshell.

I didn't know it at the time, but I am now calling this picture from Friday night 'The Calm Before the Storm'.
We didn't have a bad weekend, by any means, but it was pretty hectic. So many celebrations that none of us even knew where to begin.

We spent the majority of Saturday hanging out outside. It was absolutely beautiful out/verging on entirely too hot and we couldn't pass that up!
Abigail met her very first turtle and was so sweet to him.
This turtle has been coming around since we bought our house two years ago.
Billy named him Jeffery. ||You're guess is as good as mine as to why||  But every so often I'll hear Billy yell from the porch as he is letting Sophie out, 'Jeffery's back!!' and we all get pretty excited.

We played in the grass and then went for a walk down the street with Sophie. I was trying to soak up every last second of this girl being a 'baby'. The next day, she turned one. ONE! I can't believe it! Moments like this, just hanging out, me and her are the ones I want to remember forever.

Saturday night into Sunday was a bit rocky for us. Billy was closing (aka not getting home until WAY past mama's bedtime) and Abigail was not feeling well. I can pretty much tell at this point when she has the onset of an ear infection and knew that it was well on its way. She woke up a few times during the night screaming in pain, which obviously broke my heart.

On Sunday morning, we headed over to my parents house for a birthday/Mothers Day breakfast.
We made it through eating, pictures and a birthday donut before I decided it was time to head to the after hours pediatrician to get her checked out.

||Momma (Birthday Girl!) & Me||

|| The 3 Mommas ||

|| The sugar induced fit after I had to take the donut away from her was enough to retire this whole 'birthday donuts' tradition after one year. But she went BONKERS over it! ||

|| Waiting Room Selfie ||

Sure enough, she has an ear infection in her left ear.
Nothing a little antibiotic, solid nap and some mama love can't fix :)
Speaking of a nap, homegirl was none to please when she woke up after going to the doctor. She demanded a banana and clearly didn't want her picture taken.
But between the serious bedhead and whatever expression that is on her face, I ignored her 'no pictures please' attitude and snapped away.
You'll thank me one day, kid! ;)
Happy Happy HAPPY birthday to these two beautiful ladies!
I'm so glad you share a birthday!
And Happy Mother's Day to you Momma! (& Kiki-kins!)
Abigail's FIRST birthday party is this Saturday!
Cue the stress drinking & over thinking of every detail!
I hope all you mamas out there had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!! You deserve it!
You also deserve to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins for your kiddo!
Enter below for your chance to win!
Contest is open until 12am on 5/18!
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Looking back on 12 months.

From my last pregnant belly picture: 

To this beautiful baby girls first year of life: 

These pictures blow my mind!
It has been so much fun to look back at these the past few days and remember everything that we went through to get to 12 months.
I love that I have this digital baby book & hope Abigail appreciates reading all of them one day :)

I hope everyones Sunday/Mother's Day was wonderful! Come back tomorrow for a full weekend/Mother's Day/Birthday recap! It was a busy one!!

& don't forget to enter my Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway!!

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