Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Confessional.

. I found out this week that my electric company randomly applied the deposit we paid like 7 years ago to our account this month, which means for the HOTTEST month of the year, we don't have a bill.
And I told the customer service lady that I loved her.

. We had a fence put in our backyard yesterday while I was at work. When I got home, I was a little disappointed at how small our backyard looks now (we could only fence half of it, since the trees back there don't grow dolla dolla bills), but I'm getting used to it and I think I like it now.

. My sister bought tickets a long while ago to the Blake Shelton concert that is in Orlando tomorrow. Well, she bought them for her and her husband. Except, her husband isn't currently able to go. So guess who gets to?! THIS GIRL! I'm so pumped! (Sorry, Joe. We miss you, but YEE HAW!;) )

. I'm still petrified to make Abigail an appointment with the ENT. But considering I think she has yet ANOTHER ear infection, it's on today's to do list.

. I'm feeling super stuck in a few aspects of life right now. I thrive on change and love mixing things up a little bit. Sometimes a haircut or a good redecorating weekend fixes it, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it this time. Trying to get to the bottom of it & looking forward to something new (even if I don't know what that is yet).

. The spacebar on my laptop sticks & it is driving me absolutely bonkers.

. I send pictures like the one below to Billy when he is at work at night and the weather is bad at home. I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes.

Ok, that's all I've got today. I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our weekend & a bunch of random thoughts.

It was a busy weekend around here! 
Friday was spent with me laying in the fetal position on the couch, with blankets over my head, praying a tornado wasn't going to come ripping through my house while Billy was at work and googling the best room to hunker down in, just in case. 
There were no tornados, we didn't even lose power. They only thing we lost was my mind
Moral of the story - I hate bad weather. 

Saturday, Billy and I had to prepare our backyard for the bear barricade fence that is being installed this Thursday. We had a pretty large tree to cut down and we are too stingy to pay someone to do it for us, so we chopped it down and then chopped it up and dragged the pieces into our woods behind our house. It didn't take us too long and were able to get it done while Abigail napped, but we were dead tired when Abigail was ready to party. 
Billy went to work all night and I stayed home and worked out, cleaned the house and made a nutirious dinner  sat on the couch with a plate of tator tots. 

We woke up early on Sunday to get ready to head to Spring Hill for the day for a birthday party. We ended up in the area around noon, spent some time with my grandparents, headed to the party and then my child (& my sisters baby) decided they had had ENOUGH. After an hour an a half they made it clear if they didn't leave the party, they would make everyone else leave with their screeches and tears. We packed up and headed out. Abigail slept for approximately 12 minutes on the 2 hour drive home and whined for the rest of it. 
Needless to say, when I asked Billy to go buy me ice cream later that night he told me that I couldn't pay him to get back in the car. 
I know, RUDE right?! ;) 

A few fun things from the weekend -- 

Billy taught Abigail what sound a lion makes, and it might be the cutest thing in the world. I'll post oavideo of it on both of my Facebook pages (here & here) if you want to check it out. 

I have been on the hunt for curtains for my dining room for what seems like forever. I had a very specific design in mind and all of the curtains I found were not living up to my standards. And then I decided to use shower curtains instead. And I'm in love with them. 

This might be the worlds worst quality photo ever put on the internet. 
& for that I am sorry. 
But not sorry enough to retake it. 

We had Abigail's 15 month well visit at the pediatrician on Friday morning. Everything went great except that they are recommending we get tubes put in her ears since she has had 5 ear infections since February. They gave us a referral for an ENT doctor, but I haven't been able to bring myself to call and make an appointment. It's not the tubes that scare me, its A being put under anesthesia
that I just can't get down with. 
Hey mamas - Do you have any advice for me? I could really use it. Even if its 'Stop being a psycho and make your kid the appointment. She'll be fine'.

It is back to school picture week at Abigail's daycare. Her individual pictures are scheduled for tomorrow, but her class picture was yesterday. I wasn't planning on getting her class picture, since she is such a little baby, but then I happened to peek in on the cameras in her class while they were taking the picture and my heart died a little bit. Seeing all the kiddos lined up in a row of chairs and a row sitting on the floor, with the teachers on the side of them... I can't. It was too cute. I don't care if A isn't even looking at the camera. I have to have it now. 

Here is a flashback of her Back to School pictures from last year: 

XOXO :) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SeaWorld Saturday (& a little bit of Sunday)

Four days late. Yeah, I'm working on it.. 

Instead of a traditional Holiday Party this year, the company I work for decided to send all of their employees and family members to SeaWorld for the day. 
They set up a nice lunch (with beer kegs) in a beautiful (air conditioned) ballroom where we could all meet for the day, mingle, have a few dozen beers and get on with our days as we wished. 
Despite it raining pretty much the entire day and SeaWorld deciding to shut down what seemed like the entire park, we ended up having fun! 

Here's what our day looked like --

Car selfie with our party pooper in the background. & you're looking at the only nap my kid took the whole day. 
Meltdown, party of 1. 

Oh hey there mister. 
Abigail loved seeing all the 'fishies'!

Abigail and her Mali.  
This little restaurant is where we found beer took cover during the never ending storm at its worst. The girls were starting to meltdown so we started shoveling food in their mouths, like all good parents do and plopped them up on the table in order to make them happy again. Shortly after this photo sesh, we saw a glimmer of not so dark skies and decided it was time to try and make the best of the rest of the day. 

The kiddie area ended up opening up and we were able to take A on the carousal, spinning cups and train. The adults got ice cream cones the size of our faces and we were able to truck on over to Antarctica to see some penguins. 

This exhibit was amazing! 
After the ride portion, you are dropped off in the penguins home where you are smacked in the face with 32 degree temperatures and penguins within reach. 
I wanted to stick one in our stroller and carry on with our day! 
 Abigail was obsessed! 

And because we are batshit crazy, we stayed until the 6pm showing of Shamu. Abigail actually did way better than I thought she would and really only melted down at the very end. And as you can see above, wanted nothing to do with an actual seat and wanted to hang over the railing the entire show. 
I was totally cool, calm and collected with her decision. 

Her expression pretty much sums up the day. 
She was READY TO GO!

After an approximately 47 mile walk back to the car, we were well on our way to our nice comfy beds, where I promptly dreamt that I was running a marathon and was running in place under the covers all night. 

Sunday was spent lounging by the pool with my favorite gal, recovering. Because I'm an old lady and can't make it through one day at a theme park without shin splints for the next 6 days. 

XOXO ;) 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to make the PERFECT hard boiled eggs!

I have a totally random post for you guys, but I'm telling you if you like hard boiled eggs, I'm about to change your life! 

When we were at the grocery store this week, I told Billy that I wanted to pick up a dozen eggs to hard boil for the week. Well, once we got home I didn't feel like making them anymore. They are such a pain! AND THEN I remember something I saw on Pinterest.... Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs! 
They were so incredibly easy and came out absolutely perfect, so I knew I had to share. 

-- Instructions --
Set your oven to 325 degrees.
Plop the eggs into a muffin pan. No liner required. 
Set your timer for 30 minutes. 
Make yourself a big bowl of ice water. 
When the timer goes off, plop the eggs into the ice bath. 

Set your timer again for 10 minutes. 
When your timer goes off, peel them! 

Seriously, its that easy. 
Theres no boiling water, no turning off the heat, covering, not covering...etc. 

Side Note -- this will make life so much easier at Easter!! ;) 

Have a good day friends, XOXO! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where I've Been & a Photo Dump

It was brought to my attention today (thanks, dad) that I haven't posted anything in a hot minute, so here I am. And I'm bringing you the worlds worst post. Aka dumping my iPhone camera roll, writing a few captions & calling it a day. 
CONFESSION (does this count for my link up, A Blonde Ambition?!), I just haven't felt like writing lately. I always told myself that this blog is meant to be fun. If there was ever a time that I wasn't having fun, I wouldn't write. So I haven't written. But I feel like I'm back now ;) 
To get me (and you!) caught up and back on track, here's what you've missed -
|| Side note, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably haven't missed much ||

|| billy & I have been working out a lot. We are competing in the Savage Race in October with a fun group of friends, so we are 'training' in an attempt to not die ||

|| abigail has had no shortage of ear infections. & each time, the doctors office is a total shit show. Girl hates that place ||

|| we documented Billy's last day in his twenties ;) ||

|| we didn't do anything huge on his birthday, since I bought him a vacation in September & mama isn't made of money...but I did heat up make him some dinner and picked up some delicious desserts to enjoy || 

|| Abigail is rocking this mullet-ish hairstyle lately. I love love double love looking at it from the back, but it is a serious mess in the front || 

|| we had a REAL date night this past Saturday. It's unheard of since Billy always works super late Saturday nights, but he had this one off so we took advantage of it. We had drinks on Park Ave. and dinner at Del Friscos/Christners || 

|| & in case you didn't catch it in the photo above, I chopped off all my hair and gave it a little ombré action ||

|| we celebrated B's birthday with the whole family on Sunday at a place in town called Firkin & Keglers. It is a bowling/arcade/amusement park type of place, pretty similar to Dave and Busters. ||

|| scuba Steve ||

|| girl loves the pool. See also: girl always has an ear infection || 

|| and rounding out the photo dump with this cute shot of my baby helping cook dinner the other night. She is getting seriously good at using a fork and spoon :) ||

Ok guys, thanks for sticking with me even when I don't blog for 14 years.
 I'll try not to let it happen again ;) 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, my love!

To the greatest husband, father to our daughter & best friend -- I hope you have the best birthday!

Your girls love you SO much! 

& because your birthday falls on Throwback Thursday.... 
Cue the embarrassing pictures --
This is the time that you looked great & I was a big fan of over plucked eyebrows, tanning beds and unnatural hair colors. 
And then there's the time you dressed up like a giant green crayon. 
.... & a pirate. In the dollar section of Target. 
And the time Whoopi let us use her dreads as mustaches. Before mustaches were a thing ;) 

I can't wait to celebrate your next 30 birthdays with you. & the 30 after that! 
And now you sound super old ;) 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

soaking it all in.

I don't know what it is about this last month, but watching Abigail getting bigger, smarter and funnier has made me an emotional mess. I figured it was time for an update, so  I don't forget a single second.

Weight/Length: I don't know exact numbers - our next wellness checkup is on the 22nd & here's to hoping we don't find ourselves back at the peds before then, but I think she is around the 22lb mark. She is a peanut :)

Hair: She is rocking a pretty serious mullet these days. I love putting in up in a pebbles inspired pony or completely lopsided pigtails. I tried putting it in a true back of the head ponytail not too long ago and holy disaster! It was a serious business in the front, party in the back situation. She won't let me put a headband on her right now and if I want to stick a bow in the pony, I have to distract her while I do it.

Diapers: We are using Target brand for the day & Pampers for night because home girl pees like a racehorse while she sleeps. Potty training should be a serious blast! Both are a size 4.

Clothing: I just cleaned out her drawers this weekend due to finding a pair of pants that were 9 months in size. Wasn't going to happen. She still fits into most of her 12-18 month clothes and we just went shopping this weekend and bought her 18-24 months shirts. She is wearing size 4 shoes, finally!

Likes: Dancing. All you have to say is 'Abigail, DANCE!' and she starts busting a move. The water - Bath time, pool time... she loves to splash! Climbing on the back of the couch and screaming her face off. Playing in her teepee. Stacking blocks. Turning her sound machine on and off. The remote & my keys. Pressing the garage door button anytime we come in the house. 

Dislikes: Getting things taken away from her - holy meltdowns! Staying in her highchair one second longer than she wants to.

Favorite Foods: Bananas, apple sauce, cinnamon raisin bread, smoothies, chicken, macaroni & cheese. She won't eat veggies unless they are pureed, but she is getting the hang of using a spoon so it's getting a little bit easier.

Milestones: She is talking more and more every day. She repeats everything you ask her to say... which is terrifying! Her favorite words are puppy, baby, Abby, mommy, daddy, Nana, ready (when we get to school every morning I turn around and say 'Ready?!' and she always replies with 'READY!'), buh-bye, ball, aqua (water)  & anything else that peaks her interest. Also a big fan of the word 'OW!', even when things don't hurt. She knows where her head, belly, toes, nose, mouth, eyes & ears are. We quiz her everyday and she gets so excited when she finds them all! It's amazing to witness her brain growing :)

Mama Thoughts: I find myself looking at my baby girl so differently these days. We will be playing on the floor of her room & I'll just be staring, not wanting to forget any part of the moment. I've been super sappy about little things. Listening to her laugh or cry. Watching her little toes wiggle when I take her shoes off, not wanting to come to the realization that one day those little piggies are going to be grown up feet. We went for a real walk the other night around the neighborhood. We had the stroller with us, but she didn't want to ride in it, but wanted to walk instead. And shortly after, she tumbled on the sidewalk and got her first set of scraped knees. I never want to forget that. She cried and cried & I was able to hug and kiss her until she was all better. (DADDY TOO!) 

The past month had been so fun! I say it every time but it's definitely the most fun age yet! We play more than ever, talk to each other more than ever and LOVE each other more than ever. 

You are my smallest best friend, Abigail. & I love you dearly!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Getting You Up To Speed

Since I decided I needed a little break from this space of mine, which if you follow me on Facebook you already knew, I'm catching you up today with a recap from both last weekend & this week/weekend. 

Last Friday was outside art day at A's school. I thought the best part was going to be seeing her in an oversized t-shirt trying to use a paintbrush, however the 'art' she brought home was so perfect that I bought a huge frame for it and it is now hanging in our living room.

We've picked up a juicing habit & I don't hate it one bit. 
This concoction was peaches, carrots, apples & spinach. It was absolutely delicious. 

This kid loves her apple flavored coconut water! 

My people of wal-mart. 
(Side note: I hate wal-mart) 

We spent last Sunday over at my best friends house. 
We swam, ate, drank & relaxed in hammocks. 
It was perfect.  

She's my favorite ;) 

& now to catch you up on the past week... 

Abigail had Pirate Day at school. 

we did some more juicing.. 

Abigail & her best leaving school on Friday! 

We spent Saturday at the farmers market before Billy had to leave us to go to work. 

And once A went to bed, this girl was my company for the evening. 
She was totally boring ;) 

I was feeling more than a little stir crazy come Sunday, so after I made us some non-microwaveable waffles & even though they were out of town, we headed over to my parents house to use their pool & grill up some lunch.  

We ended our weekend with a walk to the park (where A got her first set of bloody, scraped knees and a fat lip), a run back home (obviously not my idea & yes, I almost died) and a Fresh Market dinner.

Hope your week/weekend was perfection!