Tuesday, December 30, 2014

a four pm hangover (our weekend & monday in pictures)

It's been 11 days since I've stepped foot into my office building and at this point, I'm really not certain I know what day of the week it is. And I don't hate it. Not one single bit.
That being said, I think we have had some sort of weekend in the past couple of days & now I'm here to show you what it looked like. Plus my Monday too... because it was pretty damn fun!
Billy had the day off, so we spent the day putting Christmas away (yes, already. I was ready for my house to be put back together again) and then had ourselves a date night!
I got ready with wine and my very favorite new wine glass (it's like my best friend knows me or something?!) and when I came out of my room I stumbled upon the sweetest little picnic happening. It melted my heart.
First up for the night was to go purchase Billy's new toy.
He has been in heaven ever since.
We hit up Shake Shack after that for burgers and shakes and called it an early night.
We had a few more things planned, but they all fell through. Which we didn't mind since we were so tired from cleaning all day.
After a morning of lounging around in our PJs and a nice long nap, we headed to Firkin & Keglers for some bowling with my family. Abigail had a total blast!
My sister, her husband Joe, Billy and myself all had the day off yesterday and we all planned to put the kids in daycare, so we decided to take advantage of having nothing to do on a weekday and take our very first ride on the SunRail!
If you aren't from this area then you may not realize how exciting this is!
We hopped on the 10:15am train to Winter Park and decided to spend the day out there.
We started on Park Ave. and realized that there was an event happening nearby because it was packed! As we got closer, we started seeing a lot of Orange and Maroon colors... so we asked around and found out that the 8th Annual Russell Athletic Bowl Parade of Bands featuring the University of Oklahoma and Clemson University Marching Bands was about to start! So we grabbed a sidewalk table at a restaurant right in the middle of the action and had front row seats for the event!
So random but so much fun!
We walked up and down Park Ave. for a while, stopping into Peterbrooke for some chocolate covered potato chips & eventually ending up at The Wine Room for a couple drinks! If you are in the area and have never been to The Wine Room, I highly recommend it. The concept is fantastic! The restaurant is covered wall to wall in 'wine machines' that you can select a taste, half glass or full glass of wine from using a reloadable card you purchase when you walk in. Brilliant!
Following more wine that should have been consumed before lunch, we made our way to 'Winter in the Park', the indoor/outdoor ice skating rink that is set up for the holiday season!
You know you live in Florida when you are ice skating outside (it was tented) in shorts and a t-shirt in 84 degree weather. Either way, we did a couple of laps before we were exhausted and starving and made our way to The Coop for lunch!
I'm pretty sure that by 4pm I was rocking a pretty severe hangover. Day drinking and me just don't mix very well. But it's always fun times!
We did a little more shopping (I scored an Elf of the Shelf for $15 for next year!) and caught the 4:40pm train back to the area. We had an absolute blast all day!
And now it's Tuesday and I'm pretty sure I have to go back to work tomorrow for a few hours... but then it's time to ring in 2015! I can. not. believe it!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Christmas

I can't believe another Christmas is in the books & we are on the fast track to 2015!

We had SUCH a great Christmas & I'm so excited to share our day with you! 
And I must say, the holidays are so much more for when you have a toddler (& of course when you're not puking for days, like last year)! 
Billy had to work late on Christmas Eve so we went over to my parents house for the night and watched movies and eagerly looked out the windows for Santa ;)

We always sleep at our house Christmas Eve night, wake up and have our little family Christmas and then head over to my parents for the big celebration!
This was our tree after Santa came.
Billy and I decided that we were going to open our presents from each other first, before we woke Abigail up, just because it seemed less overwhelming that way.
My favorite gifts :)
Waking Abigail up to show her that Santa came!
She had no idea what was going on, but she does love the Christmas tree lights so I'm pretty sure she was pumped to see all the goodies surrounding them this morning.
But first things first, she needed some applesauce & I'm certain she didn't even notice she was sitting in her brand new chair from her aunt mickey.
love my baby girl so much!
This might be the blurriest picture that I ever post on this blog, but it was too good not to share.
Santa brought Abigail a slide for Christmas and she was totally jazzed by it. She saw it, climbed right up and then proceeded to do some sort of acrobatic, slow motion plummet to the ground. I obviously found it was a perfect photo op, while Daddy raced to her rescue. We all have our priorities in the right places.
After Christmas at our house, we headed over to my parents around 8:30am. My parents don't know how to do a 'small' Christmas so we end up opening presents anywhere between 2-3 hours.
My favorite present :)
Later on in the afternoon, we went to go visit Gramps.
& my brother watched Abigail for a bit and took the cutest picture :)
We spent a lot of time outside in the afternoon with the kids and their new rides.
Not many pictures after this because it is a yearly tradition in our house that we don't change out of PJs or leave the house all day on Christmas.. so all we did was sit on the couch, watch movies, climb onto the roof (?!) and eat lots of good food.
And now on to the gifts.
Maybe it's just because I'm nosy, but I always like to see what people got for Christmas. So before putting everything away, I snapped some pictures of mine, Billy & Abigail's stuff.
(Not pictured: the das boot & 6 pack of Mr. Huff beer that was gone before 11am)
That tin is full of Lush bathbombs. That piece of paper is a gift certificate for horseback riding (I've never been!). The bottom right cluster of stuff is a ton of makeup (I only get nice makeup on birthdays and Christmas because I don't buy it for myself :)
We were totally spoiled and extremely grateful!
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa's Christmas Tree Farm

We have the cutest little Christmas Tree farm about a 25 minute drive from our house and 2 weekends ago we finally made our way out there! We had an absolute blast!
There were hay rides, bounce pillows, pony rides and a tear-free Santa Claus visit!
Here are some of the photos from our day-
This was a GIANT bounce pillow. Pretty similar to a bounce house, but without it being enclosed. It was surrounded by sand and I'm confident I got more of a workout on it than I have anywhere else in months. It was way steeper than it appears to be in this photo, but we were using it as a slide for Abigail. She loved it!
Hay ride!
& Nathan asked for the 'Mike Tyson' when getting his face painted. #proud

They had a great petting zoo for the kids and Abigail was entranced by all of the animals that she usually only sees in her books.
She got to ride the pony four separate times and she was in HEAVEN. She loved every single second of it and I am confident she was completely expecting to find one under the tree yesterday morning! Spoiler alert: She didn't. But she still did pretty well ;)

Serious side eye..... but no tears!
The farm happened to be on Huff Rd. (which for those of you that don't know, is our last name) which obviously called for a cheesy, side of the road photo opp. You'd do it too, don't judge ;)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday! I will be back on Monday morning the recap our whole day and give you a peek at all of the goodies that we were totally spoiled with!
Enjoy your weekend, relax and eats lots of food!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Abigail's Holiday Party!

Abigail's school Holiday Party was last Thursday and her teachers did SUCH a great job on it that I had to document and show you all!
They transformed the entire room into a Gingerbread house, complete with a candy bar, gingerbread cookie making station and gifts for all the kids and parents!

She wanted nothing to do with putting down the TWO cookies in her hand and made due with drinking her juice with her wrists. 
Abigail & her four teachers. We love you, girls!!

Each child got a gingerbread man sippy cup, a gingerbread house filled with an ornament, book and candy canes & the parents got their childs footprint in the form of a Christmas tree on a canvas. I absolutely LOVE it!! 
& then on the way home, she ripped her shoes off, smacked her foot on the door, screamed 'ouchie boo boo!' and then proceeded to kiss her boo boo... over and over and over again. She kills me!
Merry Christmas Eve!!