Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Spa Weekend

For Christmas, my dad got my sister, mom and myself a 3 day, 2 night stay at the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa near Clearwater, FL. We took that trip this past Thursday - Saturday and oh how it was so, so necessary.

We drove over to the spa on Thursday and arrived just in time for lunch. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and dined outside with some much needed beverages. We didn't have much planned for the rest of the day, so we  took advantage of all of the amenities. We got ourselves some spa robes, threw on our bathing suits and went to relax in the jacuzzi and sauna. We got settled in our room and relaxed a bit more (a reoccurring theme for the weekend) until it was time for dinner. We ate, we relaxed and we went to bed early. It was delightful!  

((& after horsing around with my sister (30 & 28 and we still act like we are 11) my hand ended up in a much needed ice bath. I was rocking QUITE the lump the whole trip. ))

We slept in (a little) and walked outside of our room and set up for some morning yoga. I've never done yoga outside before, but I will tell you, if this was my view all the time, I'd probably do it more...maybe ;) 

We had a day full of spa services planned on Friday. I was on the schedule for a 90 minute massage, a mineral bubble bath and a mud wrap. In between all the fun, we hung out at the beautiful indoor pool.

This was the oldest part of the whole resort (over 100 years old!) and it was home to a steam sauna, dry sauna, cooling mineral pool and jetted bath tubs, where my mineral bath took place. 
It was SUCH a relaxing day. Mama NEEDED it! 

We spent the time that we weren't getting pampered eating delicious food like this chocolaty, strawberry-ey goodness, shopping antique stores around the downtown area & sleeping. 

Despite having some much needed downtime with my only responsibly being getting to the spa on time to get my bathrobe and slippers, I was oh so very happy to get home to see my baby and husband. 

Until next time, rest and relaxation! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Abigail at 20 months

I haven't done an 'Abigail update' since she was 17 months old. At this point, that feels like a lifetime ago!
These posts are really more for Billy, my family & myself to look back on (and Abigail as well when the time comes) but I hope you all like reading them along with me :)

20-21 months is where we are at right now. And this might be weird to say, but I feel like I know Abigail better now than I ever have before. We totally jive, are in a great groove and she is communicating so well. I know what she needs even when her words don't make a whole lot of sense and for the most part, she listens really well when I ask her to use her words instead of just pointing and whining.

I like to do these updates when she hits a new 'milestone' or does something 'new', and this time is no exception. There are so many things to share!

Dear Abigail; 

- You sing! The first song you ever sang out loud was Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off'. The first time it happened, your daddy and I weren't sure if it is was just a coincidence, so one night while we were making you dinner, we turned the song on and we all sat on the kitchen floor and shimmied while you sang the words! Your favorite is putting a lot of emphasis on the last words of each sentence and your favorite lyrics are 'this sick beat', which you nail. Every. Single. Time. Now, you sing the words to Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Shake it Off, Blank Space, Stay with Me by Sam Smith, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Take me to Church by Hoozier. Quite the selection, don't ya think?

- Your manners are on POINT! Without reminding you, you say 'Please!' and 'Thank You!' at all the appropriate times. If daddy or I hand you something (usually applesauce) you say 'thank you'. If you want me to help you take off your shoes when we get in the car, you say 'off please mama'. It melts me every time. Whenever someone around you sneezes or coughs you immediately respond with 'bless you!' and when someone burps (daddy) you say 'sowwy', which we aren't entirely sure why... ha! We are really proud of you and how polite you are. You even thanked the kind gentlemen that held the door open for us at daycare tonight. I know he appreciated it too.

- You know your ABC's & you sing it in the car on the way to daycare every morning. And sometimes I think you are singing it in French, but I wouldn't really know ;) You can also count to 'firteen' which I'm not sure if its 13 or 14, but I do know it's adorable! 

- Speaking of daycare, you moved to the next room a couple of weeks ago. It was tough on both of us. Mommy didn't like seeing you cry everyday and I know you missed your old friends. But I'm confident you have found your place in your new room and you are having a blast! We are still working on letting mama leave in the morning and you are adamant that 'mama sits!' for a few minutes each morning while you eat breakfast. You also won't let me carry you into school anymore. The second we get out of the car it's all 'mama walk!'. You walk like a big girl all the way in, down the hall to your classroom.

- You throw epic temper tantrums. Whoa mama! Throwing yourself on the ground, kicking and screaming and usually we can't figure out why. You are a tad dramatic and it's confusing because I don't have any idea where you would get the trait from. #me

- You let us take away your paci about a month ago & it didn't even phase you. You were only using it to sleep at night and one night we decided to see what would happen if we didn't give it to you. And you went right to sleep! You only got it back once more (when we had to move you from nanna and grampy's house to our house one night) and haven't asked for it again. You make this whole parenting thing look easy, kid! 

- You're a picky eater. And it drives me crazy. But it shouldn't. Because mama is a picky eater too. Chicken nuggets, applesauce and yogurt are staples right now. Rice too. And smoothies. Which we pack full of fruits, spinach and peanut butter to make sure you are getting lots of all the things your little body needs.

- When we ask you if you know how much mommy and daddy love you, you throw your hands out to the sides and say 'THIS MUCH!' and vice-versa. 'How much does Abigail love mommy and daddy??' 'THIS MUCH!'

- One of your biggest milestones happened yesterday. Before we got you dressed for school, mama and daddy asked you if you wanted to sit on the potty (the regular, big person toilet as we don't have a kids one yet) and you said 'yes!'. So for the very first time you sat on it. We sat with you on the bathroom floor, giving you some pep talks and you seemed to really be enjoying yourself. And then I offered you FIVE whole jellybeans (dadellydeens, as you like to call them) if you went poo on the potty. And do you know what you did? You said 'OK' and then almost immediately delivered! We were so proud of you! You earned those jellybeans (& the major teeth brushing you got afterwards ;)..) And tonight, before bath time, I sat you on the potty again and you went pee. And then you got PISSED that I took you off the potty. You were having SUCH a good time!

You're pretty rad, girl. I think we'll keep ya!

Monday, January 19, 2015

One Sentence Per Picture.

Let's see, where did we leave off? 

I told you all we are moving, or selling our house at least. It's been on the market for a total of 6 days and we have gotten an offer, counter offered, accepted their counter offer and we have the inspection being done tomorrow. A few more things have to land in place for it to be considered a 'done deal', which is also the time we will be looking for our rental home for the next couple of years. To say I'm stressed would be the understatement of the year. But I'm confident everything will fall into place exactly as it's supposed to :) 

Moving on to recapping our weekend... it was pretty low key. And by low key, I mean we didn't really do anything at all except grocery shop and drive around neighborhoods looking at houses. #yolo

Five pictures for you today. 
Let's go about this using one sentence per picture, shall we? 

We celebrated this guys birthday last week. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate that ponytail?! 

She peed all over her clothes during her nap, so she's naked under that blanket. 

Anyone have a good deal on a big girl bed?

Wine & Popcorn... how you win at Sunday nights. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We're Moving!!

Yes, you read that right! 
As of yesterday, our house is officially ON THE MARKET
I'm sad and excited all at the same time. Sad because it is our first home, it is where we brought Abigail home from the hospital and where she has spent most of her nights ever since. Excited because we are doing it for all the right reasons (more on that at a later date). 

So, what's next?
We aren't going far - About 20-25 minutes from where we are now. Back closer to my family, my job, Abigail's school (which are all a 20 minute drive for me every day right now) which is going to make life so much easier! 

As I'm writing this, our house has been on the market for about 22 hours. We had one showing today and I just got off the phone with my realtor telling me he received and offer! 
Yes, an offer on our house before the first day of being on the market is even over. 
I am completely overwhelmed at this point, which is why I'm here blogging instead of looking for a new place to live. 

Correct, we do not have a place to live (once the house actually sells) at this point. We will be renting for the time being while we search for our forever home, but once we have a signed contract in our hands it will be a total shit show from that point on. 

It's going to be quite the adventure, these next few months. I hope you'll stick around and play along with me! 
& hey, if you happen to be renting out a house right now, HOLLER! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

snapshots from our weekend.

I should really just call this 'a couple pictures of Abigail from the weekend with a few words thrown in', but that was a little lengthy for a post title, don't ya think? 
Look, I spent most of the weekend sick as a dog, trying to survive. I called in sick to work on Friday and spent Saturday and Sunday coughing and sniffling. 
I'm feeling 90% better today, which I am so thankful for! 
Moving on.. 
Lets do this 'one sentence per picture' style, shall we? 
She gets her spaghetti eating skills from her mama. 
You'll be a real hit when you're on dates (when you're 30), baby girl. 

This was five minutes after she sat in timeout, screaming her face off because she slapped me in the face. Motherhood, y'all.. it's no joke. 

Her eyes are killer. So was her attitude all weekend. 

She is obsessed with washing her 'dirty hands'. 
Also, heyy creeper mom hand. 

I think this is her first official foot pop and it's the cutest. 
And it looks like I had my eyes closed when I put those pigtails in. 

There you have it. Riveting stuff, huh? 

& now it's time to continue binge watching Breaking Bad. We only have 12 episodes left and I don't want it to end! 

Hope you're Monday didn't suck, my loves!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Having the best week EVER!

Just Kidding 
The complete opposite, in fact. 
But I wanted you to click on this post, so I lied. 

If you're not up for a total pity party; staring none other than yours truly, then you may want to click that little 'x' at the top of you screen because that's what you're getting today. 

This week has been a total shit blow. And it's only Wednesday

I mentioned before but I came down with a nasty cold this weekend that has left me half way to comatose since it began. I can't breathe and my head constantly hurts from all the rattling it does with each cough. This part isn't that important, I'm always sick. I should be used to it but it makes everything else infinitely more annoying to deal with. 

On Monday morning, my car wouldn't start after I dropped Abigail of at daycare. Annoying, but not earth shattering. As I was trying to leave, my best friend Heather pulled up to drop her girl off and it just so happens that we work together. So I hitched a ride with her and figured I'd deal with it on my lunch break. Lunch comes along, we drive to my car, it starts. We drive it to the KIA dealership where they were less than helpful and tell me it will be at least a few hours before they can even look at it. 
They don't end up calling me until almost 5pm, tell me my battery is dead and that it will be $160 to replace & that I also need a tire rotation, some sort of fluid flush and probably an attitude adjustment. I tell the gentleman that I thought I went to KIA, not Jiffy Lube and that I would be there shortly to come pick up my dead car. I'm confident he probably spit on my steering wheel. 

All of the car drama forced us to have to cancel a really important meeting we had set up that night which bummed us out. We rescheduled, not the end of the world. 

Tuesday morning, I wake up to a bunch of alerts from my credit monitoring site. (If you don't already know this, my identity was stolen four years ago and it was bad. So I monitor my credit super close.) Someone opened up a new credit account under my identity. Again
If you've had to go through this before, you know what a huge pain in the ass it is. It's stressful. And you feel like you've been robbed (which I guess essentially you have been. Which is so ironic for the next part of this long, dramatic story). 
It was a shitty day, which ended with me having a huge stress headache but I made it through. 

And that brings us to today.... Wednesday
This morning, we all get ready for work and school, Billy walks us out to my car to say goodbye to us like he always does, I realize I forgot my work bag in his car from the day before (which I was driving because he was replacing the battery in my car) and ask him to grab it.  He opens his car to find no bag and the car tossed.
Someone 'broke in' to the car last night. I say broke in loosely because my dumb ass didn't lock the car the night before. 
So far it looks like they only took my bag, (my favorite bag! Chelsea, If you're reading this, I used that bag from your wedding everyday.. And now it's gone!) which had a few really important things in it. Like a hard copy of all of our bills, account info and passwords for things, a stack of bills that I needed to pay and an envelop full of pictures. 
They messed with the fuse box next to the steering wheel (assuming they were trying to get the radio) and the glove compartment was torn to shreds (we found stuff from it in the trunk?!). 
The cops were all over our neighborhood this morning writing reports for people who it also happened to. 

All of this on top of sniffling, Abigail moving to a different class at school (which is hard on both of us) and a few work related stresses right now, my head is ready to fly off. 

I know I shouldn't complain.
 For the most part, my life is pretty great. Healthy child, super awesome (& patient. Oh so patient) husband and a roof over my head. But some days its just too much. Today was that day for me. And I have an outlet to complain. This space. And you're here reading it. So if you're sitting there rolling your eyes, thinking to yourself -- 'get over it, girl!', don't worry; I'm right there with you. 
I'm annoying myself at this point. 

2015; Lets make up & be friends. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Eve & Our Weekend.

Happy 2015, friends! 

It was a pretty low key night for us over here, which I was super thankful for the next day! 
Billy had to work until late, barely making it before midnight so I spent the evening at my sisters house with her husband and two kiddos. We ordered pizza, watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve special and lounged on the couch in our PJs. 

& took selfies. Obviously. 
Two thumbs up for husband making it before midnight! 

Nathan stayed up late, took a cat nap and then we woke him up for the countdown. 

Cheers to 2015! 

As far as resolutions go, I didn't make any. 
I have a sneaky suspicion this year will be bringing big changes our way (I'm not pregnant, this isn't a hint) and I didn't want to set myself up for failure by biting off more than I can chew. 
That being said, I'm excited for 2015. I think it's going to be a great year and I'm pumped to see what's in store! 

Midway through my workday on Friday, I started to feel like I got hit by a bus. Sinus headache, sore throat, body aches... the works. By the time I got home, got Abigail settled into bed and sat myself down on the couch I was in really rough shape. I took NyQuil at 7:45pm and was asleep before Billy got home from work thirty minutes later. 
Saturday wasn't much better. I tried to rest as much as possible until 3pm when Billy had to leave for work. After that, I was in survival mode trying to entertain Abigail until bedtime. 
We made a Publix run for cookies and medicine (they are kind of the same thing) & then she pretty much ran the show for the rest of the night. Whatever Abigail wanted, Abigail got. Survival mode
Abigail was also in charge of doing her own hair this day. 

Sunday was spent lounging (theme of the weekend), napping and a little bit of yard work. 
We also told Abigail that she had to have broccoli for lunch and this was the reaction we got. 
Not even kidding, this face was because of broccoli. 

Which is also the face I make when I realize that it's Monday again.