Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I can't believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone! It makes me sad that time flies by so quickly, but oh so excited for all of the fun things I have planned for the holidays this year!
But first things first, lets talk about our Thanksgiving!
We spent Wednesday night at my parents house where Abigail helped my mom in the kitchen and I busted my ass on my dad's Segway board. After a near hospital visit, prescription strength ibuprofen and a bruised ego, we settled in for the night with a movie (Self/Less... eh.) and called it an early night.
My sister hosted Thanksgiving at her house this year, but we all split up coking duties so it didn't fall all on her. I'm not entirely sure why, but we didn't end up with a single family, food or table setting photo but about six dozen photos of Abigail.
We got to my sisters house around 11:30am (Billy was on partial Turkey duty, so we needed to be there early) and decided to put Abigail down for her nap shortly after that. She ended up sleeping for four and a half hours (my nephew has blackout curtains and I'm almost certain she thought it was nighttime) and didn't wake up until almost 5pm. Her sleeping that long meant I got to eat my entire Thanksgiving meal toddler free! Hot food, no shoveling bites between breaths and no whiny about eating vegetables! It was a Thanksgiving miracle! ;)

We've made it a bit of a tradition to take all of our pumpkins and gourds from Halloween and bring them to Thanksgiving to play baseball with after dinner. It is always so, so much fun, a total mess and we end up sore for days after, but it's worth it ;)
After waking up, I tried to get Abigail dressed and she threw an absolute end of the world tantrum. After I was sure she was going to pop blood vessels in her face from screaming so loudly, the only thing that would calm her down was going outside and taking pictures... no, I'm not kidding. She loves taking pictures.  Behold our meltdown ending photo shoot...
We ended Thanksgiving by playing a couple of round of Cards Against Humanity (because that's appropriate) and then taking it outside for a couple of walks and a nerf gun fight!
It was such a great day, followed up by a fantastic weekend spent online Christmas shopping (almost completely done!) and watching Christmas movies! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend with your friends and family! XOXO.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Toddler Tales

Happy International STUFFED day! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I'll be back on Monday to recap ours for you! Until then, I thought I'd keep it light and fun today and share some of mine and Abigail's more colorful conversations as of late.
Holy smokes, you guys... little miss has been giving me a run for my money lately.
As she was in the middle of eating dinner, sitting in her highchair,  mid peanut butter and jelly bite, yelled 'mama! I have to go poo-poo!'. So, I hurried her out of her chair and ran her into the bathroom. She sat on the potty, did her thing like a champ and hopped off. As we were getting her pants situated, she proceed to look in the toilet at what she had just accomplished and immediately said, 'HOLY SHIT!'. After turning my head to give a good silent laugh, I told her we couldn't say those words and she had a total and complete breakdown. She knew she wasn't supposed to say it and felt really bad about it. We kissed, made up and talked a bit more about words that we shouldn't say.
The next day, as we were eating dinner again she told me she had to go potty. So again, I got her to the bathroom and as I was helping her on to the potty, she looked right at me and said 'I'm not going to say holy shit!'.
I mean... what the heck am I supposed to do with that?!
Side note: We really do filter ourselves when we are around Abigail, but she's 2 and picks up on everything!
Another fun one was about a week ago, she was in the middle of an epic meltdown. I had picked her up from school and from the second she got in the car to the second we got home and in the house she kicked, screamed and wallowed until she almost couldn't breathe. I took her into the house and brought her onto the couch and right in the middle of screaming 'no! no! no!', tears running down her face, she looks me dead in the eyes and sayid 'I like your eyes, mama.' .... and then started crying again.
Two is an interesting age, y'all! Sometimes I can't wait to wake her up in the morning, sometimes I wonder if I just left her at daycare, would someone else claim her?! ;) Kidding!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall/Winter Family Photos

We did a Fall/Winter mini photo session with our wonderful photographer last weekend and I can't even tell you how pleased I am with the way the photos turned out!
I'm going to be completely honest, I was totally dreading it. Our shoot time was in the middle of nap time, it was 85 degrees out and we were dressed for cold weather and I was really concerned that it was going to be a total disaster. But boy was I wrong!
Look, it was hot. But we live in Florida. It's really never not hot. #doublenegative #thuglife
But Abigail could not have rocked this shoot harder. The minute she saw the camera, she was posing, smiling, cheesing, dancing... you name it, she did it! It made for some awesome photos!
And just to keep things real, the minute we got in the car after our record breaking 13 minute photo session, she started kicking and screaming because I didn't bring any gummy bears for her.
Ya win some, ya lose some.
Anyways, here are just a few of our photos. I made an entire album and posted it to my Facebook page, if you are interested in seeing the rest!
If you are local and in search of a fantastic photographer, I can't recommend Tracy Staggs Photography enough!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Life Lately

Life feels like it has not slowed down lately! Anyone else feel that way?!
Here is our life lately --
Two weeks ago, we broke every rule in the book and decorated our house for Christmas the second week of November. Holy moly did I get some crap for this when I posted the below picture!
Seeing her little face beam every time she sees our Christmas tree light up could make me keep up all of decorations year round. So.. suck it, Grinch-es ;)
Billy has been working a busier schedule than usual (holiday's in the restaurant business, so great) so I've had a lot of one on one time with Abigail. Saturday's usually consist of waking up, putting on her Elsa dress, watching Frozen and having sticker parties until naptime. This past Saturday was no different.

We hid in the kitchen sink...
(I plugged the drain so she couldn't stick her hand down the disposal, in case you were judging me)
We took a ride on my dad's wiz board.
Um, these things are SO fun! Like, I never want to walk again. I just want to zip around on one of these things for all the days. Santa, are you listening?! Mama wants a board!
Two years ago, I bought this advent calendar from Target on super clearance. I was so excited to dig it out last year, until I actually did and saw that I had to actually put the whole damn thing together. The minute I saw that it required a needle and thread (a lot of thread), I closed the box and put it at the bottom of a Christmas bin and decided it was better left there. And then I saw it again this year and decided to actually give it a go. It is far from perfect but I finished filling it with fun activities for the whole month of December for Abigail and I to do and I couldn't be happier!
PSA for anyone who loves the movie as much as I do, this book is top notch! Get it here, you won't be sorry!
 And that's been life lately! It's a short work week, Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I'm looking forward to finishing up my Christmas shopping by this weekend!
Happy Tuesday, Friends!  

Monday, November 2, 2015

Making Moves

I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized that it is officially November. Half because holy Christmas! and half because it's closer to having to make a decision on where we are going to live come February. 
If you're new around here, Billy and I bought our first house in August of 2012. It was in an area that we weren't super pumped to be in, but we were excited first time homeowners and absolutely adored our house. After having Abigail and realizing that the driving we were doing on a daily basis to and from work, daycare and family was too much, we decided on a whim to list our house for sale. We had no idea how fast it would sell (18 hours. Yes, hours. You can read all about that here.) and we found a  rental in the part of town we wanted to be in (in my parents neighborhood, no less) and moved in of February of last year. 
The convenience of living so close to my parents had been nothing short of amazing. However, the house itself definitely has its drawbacks. The lease we signed isn't very practical. We are responsible for all house repairs (think air conditioning, appliances, pest control, etc) and we are paying way more in rent than we were for our mortgage. The leasing company is a pain in the ass to deal with and it cost us everything but our first born child to move in. 
Long story short, renewing our lease (which comes with an automatic rent increase) is less than desirable come February. However, buying another house isn't on our radar right now until we figure out where we want to live and plant roots down. 
So we've been looking into apartments in our area. We have a few different sets of 'luxury' apartments close by, ones that might fit what we need for the next year but I have been super hesitant when it comes to making a decision. I'm nervous about space. It would be a major downsize. We'd be losing an extra bedroom, formal dining room and playroom for Abigail. Going from about 1600 sq.ft. to a little over 1000 sq.ft (which typing out down seem like that much and to be honest, we don't use any of those spaces in our current rental house). I'm nervous about thin apartment walls with a toddler, on both ends of the spectrum. I'm nervous that we'd have noisy neighbors and nervous that a crying toddler would cause any surrounding neighbors to hate us. And I'm nervous about how much of a transition it would be for all of us. We are used to having our own space; a garage with a driveway that we can walk out to in the morning and not have to worry about cars in a parking lots while we load Abigail into the car and/or a backyard for our dog to run around in.  
The upsides to moving into an apartment? Saving money, not spending money on upkeep of someone else's house, not being responsible for repairs and such. The ones that we are seriously considering right now have elevators instead of stairs, which is obviously a plus with a toddler.   

Any mamas (or dads) out there reading this that have any advice for me? Good or bad as far as apartment living with a toddler goes? Advice on downsizing, renting after owning, pep talks and 'girl, get over it' 's are also welcome ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Out of all of the holidays, Halloween always seems to be the absolute busiest for us. Could be because my immune system has decided to punch me in the face for the past 3 years on the holiday weekend or that it is jam packed with festive activities, but I ended my Friday and Saturday nights this weekend feeling like I just left Disney World, or finished a marathon. I only know what one of those actually feels like though ;) 
Busi-ness aside, we had so much fun this Halloween! It was the first year Abigail really understood what was happening, was excited about her costume(s), and melted down when I told her she couldn't have any more candy. She ran to people's doors, yelling 'Trick or Treat' like a total champ and collected quite the assortment of delicious candy for me ;) 

Here's a look into our Halloween weekend: 

At kind of the last minute (about a week ago) I decided that Abigail needed a second costume. She had school activities on Friday that she needed to wear one for and I didn't want to have to worry about cleaning one costume from Friday to use again for Saturday. I found this adorable Batman dress at Target, which came with a detachable cape and headband. It's not technically a costume, but Abigail loved it so, so much! Girl is obsessed with batman! 
After dropping batman off at school, I headed off to work where my department dressed as contestants on The Price is Right! College sweatshirts, jeans, some nametags and cardboard; might have been the best, most comfortable costume ever ;)
Around 3pm, I left work and made my way back over to Abigail's school for her Halloween party and Trunk or Treat. 
Once we were done Trunk or Treating at her school (twice!) we made our way over to our local town hall where they had a Fall Festival set up for the kids to do more trick or treating! Abigail's candy bucket definitely weighed more than she did by the end of the night and her sugar high & subsequent crash was so intense she was walking around like a drunk and not responding to her own name. We were both so exhausted, we jumped into bed as soon as we walked through the door that night.
I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a big pile of crap so I was super grateful that we had nothing on the agenda until later that night. After afternoon naps for the whole family, we got Abigail in her second costume of the weekend; kitty cat!
We hit the streets of our neighborhood hard for a little over an hour before we called it a night and made our way over to my parents house where they had set up shop handing out candy in the driveway, next to a hearse.... yes, a real hearse. Creepy and a great photo stop for all the kids in the neighborhood ;)
I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween! Is it time to put up the Christmas tree yet?? ;)