Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Fridayyyyy! And thank goodness for that, what a week.

I'm excited to bring you a batch of my favorites from this week!
Please know, this post is in no way sponsored by any of these products. I just really, really like them ;)

+ Spring Things
I found these flowers while I was aimlessly wondering around the store the other day and couldn't help but buy them. I know it isn't officially Spring yet, but it might as well be in Florida. It has been absolutely gorgeous out and I plan on spending my afternoon, post work/pre-Abigail pick up at the pool.

So we got rid of cable. And up until we actually did it, the thought of cancelling it gave me heart palpitations. I watch an insane amount of shows on a regular basis and like to have the TV on in the background all the time, just for the noise, so I never thought it would possible to completely get rid of it. And then our service provider shot our bill up to an absolutely insane amount, I got frustrated and decided to just squash it all together. I ordered the Fire Stick, set it all up and I have been kicking myself ever since thinking about how much money I have wasted by paying for cable all this time. Here's the thing, I don't really watch anything in real time anymore (except for the Bachelor, which only has one episode left this season; stop judging) . I record everything and watch it later. We have Hulu and Netflix subscriptions which air all of the shows I watch and I play a lot more music during the day than I do TV. If you've been thinking of cancelling cable, DO IT. I swear, I never thought I could but I did and don't regret it one bit.

For the past like 3 years my sister and I have been taking turns stealing my parents vacuum. And for the past 3 Christmases, my mom has refused to buy us vacuums no matter how many times we asked, because one of us always had hers. It started to become a big joke and then a couple weeks ago, my sister bought a vacuum. And then I felt like I needed to buy a vacuum, so I could give my mom hers back, so I did. And holy crap I love this vacuum! It's cordless, it swivels, and it has the best suction. I feel like such a loser being THIS excited over a vacuum, but goodness, it's great. And it was super affordable (we used a coupon, too)!

Handy is an app on your phone (I have an iPhone, but I'm almost positive it's on Android as well) that I describe as 'Uber for your house'. Backstory: When we were moving out of our old place, I wanted to find a cleaning company to do a move out clean, but didn't want to spend a fortune. I checked Groupon, Facebook and everyone was quoting me $350 or more. And then I found this app. They offer a lot more than just cleaning services, but I can only attest to that, but it ended up working out SO well!
You go through and personalize what you are looking for. You chose how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, your location and if you want any add-on items (inside cabinets, inside oven, inside fridge, etc). We ended up adding on all of the extras, since we were moving out. They do cost a bit extra for each add on, but I can tell you that for the entire clean, we only paid $95! As the day approached for our cleaning, I received a text from our assigned cleaner and on the day of, the app communicates with you to tell you where your cleaner is, when they will be there , etc. You do everything through the app so you never deal with cash (tip included, all through the app) and if you find a cleaner that you like, you can request them each time.
If you're interested, leave a comment below and I will send you a referral for $10 off your first service (and if you're local, I'll give you the name of our cleaner, who was fantastic!). 

The facemasks of all facemasks. Seriously, when you put this stuff on, you can FEEL the crap being sucked out of your face. It is all natural, organic and cruelty free and it really is the best mask I've ever used. The best part is, it's super affordable!

+ Suja Juice
I love, love, love cold pressed juice but we don't have any juice bars in a our area so I am always on the hunt for good bottled juice. I'll be honest, I've tried a lot of bottled juices and I don't enjoy most of them but after I picked this one up at the store this week, I fell in love! Beets are my favorite and this one even has bananas in it, which I loathe, but don't mind in this! At four bucks a pop, I won't be drinking them everyday, but glad I've finally found one that I really love!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am not sure what ours entails yet, but I know it will include a lot of sunshine!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ice for Two, please!

I don't even really want to tell this story, because it's just embarrassing. It's almost so much, that you would think I was making it up. But I can assure you, I am not.

I've mentioned it briefly (or not so briefly, it's been like 5 times now, but whatever) that I hurt my right knee after falling off of one of those hover board things. And before you judge me, I was really good on the board. I have good balance (thank you dance) and I hadn't even come close to spilling prior to this. But one night at my parents house, I got on it wearing fuzzy socks (you can judge me for that), stepped off the back of it instead of the front and boom! goes the Jenn. Fairly certain I had my first concussion that night, had a bruise in the shape of my iPhone( that was in my back pocket) on my butt (which didn't shatter, thank you ass cushion) and jerked my knee somehow, trying to keep myself from falling on my back, which failed.

In the weeks after that, my knee hurt, but it was manageable. Fast forward to my trip to Georgia in January. We got stuck on the mountain after an unfortunate ice incident, and while carrying Abigail, I fell again, on my back, twisting my knee again trying to keep myself from falling on my back, which you guessed it, failed again.

And I know what you're thinking, 'Jenn, you're really clumsy' and to that I would say, 'you my friend, couldn't be more correct'.

After falling on the ice, I had many days where I could barley walk and days where I had too actually lift my leg up with my hands to move it. So I went to my chiropractor who sent me for an MRI. The MRI came back with a bunch of technical words, but my knee was slightly torn jacked up. And I needed to make an appointment with an Orthopedic.

Since then, which was a mere 72 hours ago, my father jumped out from behind a wall and scared the ever living piss out of me (almost literally) to which I collapsed on the floor into the fetal position, twisting my knee on the way down, causing immense pain from my hip to my ankle for the rest of the night. AND THEN (yes, there's more) while working today, I quickly lifted my legs from under my desk to sit on them, because I'm a child, expect I did it like I was a damn maniac and hit my kneecap so bad that I couldn't breath. Cold sweats, panting for air, couldn't even cry I was in so much pain. The upside, you ask? It was my left knee!

That brings me to right now, laying on my couch with two bags of ice on both of my knees, wondering how I've managed to survice almost 30 years of exisitance and not land in a full body cast.

I'm doing ok guys, I promise.

Sunday, March 6, 2016's me.

Uh, it's been so long since I have even logged into my blog account that I don't even know where to begin with catching up.
I'm probably going to dump a bunch of pictures here today and then hopefully this week and next I can fill you in (if anyone is even still reading this.... hello?) on what's been going on... a move, a child who is testing every limit and emotion within my body, working from home and everything in between. My goal is to really start trying to make this space a priority again, not for monetary gain or post view numbers, but because within the past month I have had to look back on posts I've written for specific reasons and I've found myself 45 minutes later, reminiscing on what Abigail (and life in general) was like at that point in time, and it just makes me happy. I love looking back on our life and I love that I'll be able to give Abigail a web address when she is older, to see parts of her childhood. That's the whole point of this little space of ours, anyways. So prepare for (hopefully) a lot more posts and if you want to be alerted when they go live, follow me on any of my social media accounts;
 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: (@jenniferhuff13) and now Snapchat, which I'm mildly obsessed with (jlhuff13).

'Airplanes' has got to be one of our most favorite things to do together inside. It's turned into a bit of a cirque de soleil show nowadays, with her flipping off my legs and catching her, we love it. 

I bought Billy tickets to go see Guy Fieri's cooking show at the Dr. Phillips Center for Christmas. The show was at the end of February, and not really knowing what to expect from a show with a chef as the main attraction, I can say that it was 100% worth it. He cooked and made drinks for the audience, was so funny, told behind the scenes stories and kept everyone involved until the end. After the show, we were able to attend a meet and greet with him and he couldn't have been nicer (he told Billy I was cute, but I'm not bias, I swear ;) )!

I was 'that mom' for Valentines day this year and sent Abigail to school with fruit instead of candy. Have no fear, she still came home with 6 pounds of sweets from school that day, but I thought her little Valentines turned out cute. 

I mean, I don't even think I have introduced my new nephew on the blog yet. 
Blog, this is Lucas and he is the most lovable, snuggable peanut on the planet. 


Her hair, her eyes, the black pants she wears everyday because nothing else is ok with her... I love it all. 

This is the view I would have if I were making dinner. however, that's a rarity. 

If I let this girl wear her Elsa dress everyday and twirl around all day long, she would be in heaven. Twirls and princess dresses are life right now in the Huff household. 

I went to the Magic game Friday night, which also may have been the first time in days I had made myself presentable to the public (work from home problems at it's finest, y'all) so it had to be documented with a mirror selfie because #clearhair. 

My nephew, Nathan is playing baseball this season, so we have been spending our Saturday mornings at the ball park. He looks little in this photo, but he is a beast out there playing. Like, SO good! And it's been tons of fun to be out there cheering him on. 

And these two girls LOVE to watch 'their' Nathan knock it out of the park.
Please note that even though my daughter is in fact wearing a tutu to a baseball game (and the princess cape that she was wearing when we got there was in my purse) she is still wearing those damn black pants. 

After the game, exhaustion vibes. 

Moving to an apartment has certainly been an adjustment (more on that later) but it's also forcing us, in a good way, to get out of the house more. We've been spending a lot of time out in the sun, getting fresh air and playing at some parks and open fields. 

When we moved, we sold our couch for numerous reasons, one being that it was 5 years old and just wasn't going to make it through another move. This afternoon (Sunday, when I'm writing this) we pulled out our new couch to turn it into a full sized bed and loaded it up with blankets and pillows to all cuddle up and watch a movie. It was so comfy, everyone fell asleep on me! And I don't mind one bit ;) 

It feels good to be back on the computer, writing again and sharing our life with whoever is reading. Thanks for sticking around, coming back or just stopping by!