Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thirty Pound Weight Loss - Q & A

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I recently posted about my thirty pound weight loss. Almost immediately after posting my 'before & after' photos, I got a bunch of questions from people who wanted to know 'how'. I figured this would be the easiest way to get it all out there.

Left: April 2017 - Right: September 2017

First let me say, I've tried for a very long time to get myself motivated to lose my extra weight. I was heavier than I would have liked before I got pregnant with Abigail and never lost the baby weight after I had her. So, it's been a struggle for a while.

Shortly after our miscarriage I got really sick... a really bad sinus infection/upper respiratory situation. I went to urgent care and they prescribed me a steroid and after taking it for a day and a half, I almost wound up back in the hospital. The steroid destroyed my body in every way. I ended up making an appointment with my PCP and had a bunch of tests done that all came back normal. I also mentioned how bad my headaches were getting again (I've always suffered with them) and she mentioned visiting my eye doctor, which I did the very next day. From there, I got an MRI of my brain done to rule out anything serious. It thankfully came back clear, but I was still so confused why I felt so bad still. It wasn't until I walked past the mirror on some random day and thought to myself 'you've seriously let yourself go. Maybe this is why you don't feel good'. A few minutes later I was signed up for a weight loss website and determined to get myself feeling better. I didn't wait for a Monday or a new week, I didn't have 'one last good meal' and I didn't use shakes, wraps or patches to do it - just every bit of determination I could muster up in me.

The first 3 months I used the weight watchers app on my phone. I tracked my points and worked out 3 or 4 times a week on the treadmill for about an hour each day. I had a dedicated weigh in day on Thursdays that I stuck to as well. After those 3 months, I switched to counting macros because I felt like I hit a plateau and carbs were the reason for it. ---> I explain how macros work a little more, below. To count the macros, I started using MyFitnessPal on my phone, paying for the upgrade of $10/month. That is what I am still using today and I love it. 

If you've never used it before, here's a very simple breakdown. When you sign up, you go through a series of questions which determines how many daily points that you are allowed to have. On top of that, you are given a certain amount of weekly points to use throughout the week, as you wish. So if you went over your daily points, it would pull from your weekly. Or if you wanted to have a big cheat meal, you could use all of your weekly points for that. Make sense? This helped me lose the first big chunk of weight (pun, VERY much intended), before I felt like I hit a plateau. 

I'm sure you've heard of macro counting, as it's become quite popular however, it's important for me to stress, this isn't some sort of 'fad' diet. You don't cut anything out, you get to eat carbs and dairy and wheat and french fries! That was so important to me while on this journey. I did a lot of research on how many macros I should be eating each day and it was super confusing. So, I decided to go into the MFP app and set a caloric daily goal and from there, it sets your macros for you. You can adjust if you would prefer it to be more carb centered, protein centered or fat centered and it calculates everything automatically for you. So the gist of it is, you track everything you eat (weighing food is a must!) and you try your best to meet your carb, fat and protein goals for the day, while also staying within your caloric goal as well. Sounds a bit much, I know, but it's very easy. The first full week I switched to macro counting, I lost 3.5 pounds! I was definitely eating too many carbs and not enough protein (I already keep a pretty low fat diet). 

Once a week I indulge in a meal (just a meal, not a day) where I don't track. I usually save it for a date night or family dinner to really make it count. These meals are so important to keep me sane! 

The first week or two were difficult. I felt like I was always hungry and it was irritating. But after week two, when I was down 5 pounds and could feel a difference in my clothes and my double chin started to go away, it made it SO much easier to stick with it. I also took A TON of pictures, which I recommend. 

Some other things to note based on some of the questions I received: 

- This might not sit well with most people however, I pretty much cut alcohol out of my life. I've only had one drink in the past 5 months. But before you start getting the shakes, listen.... my headaches were so bad and only got worse when I drank. Drinking = food, to me as well. I couldn't fully commit while still indulging in drinking and munching and wanting cheeseburgers at 1am. And it seriously wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I've been on vacations, to concerts, BBQ's, parties and was able to stay within my points/macros the entire time and the best part for me was waking up the next day not hungover or feeling guilty (or placing an UberEats order for greasy food!). 

- If you aren't ready to really stick with it and devote a lot of time, energy and WILLPOWER to losing weight, it's not going to happen. And I say that with SO MUCH experience. Like I said, it took me 4 years to lose the baby weight from Abigail. I hit rock bottom and just knew I was done feeling like crap all the time. I truly think until you hit that point (or your equivalent to that point), you won't have the willpower to stick with it. I know I didn't. 

- Working out helped me stay super motivated. I'm lucky enough to have a treadmill in my home office where I work, with a TV, so it was very easy for me to put on a show and do an hour run/walk during my lunch breaks. I also usually always work it in on the weekends during Abigail's nap time (because Billy is usually working on the weekends). For me, I would never want to blow my day of eating after working up a good sweat. 

- Comparing pictures was super helpful to see my progress. Some weeks the scale didn't change, but I would take pictures of myself and compare them to weeks prior to see what a difference I had made. 

Billy and I are supposed to be heading off on Saturday to get on a cruise boat to sail to Cuba. Now that Hurricane Irma is threatening that, we don't really know what the next few days have in store for us. The cruise line hasn't cancelled our cruise but we are also preparing our house for a hurricane. It's very strange. BUT, my plan all along was to go on the cruise, have a GREAT time without tracking and come back and start a macro program with a trainer. Someone who sets your personal macro goals and gives you workouts to get you optimal results. That is still my plan, because I still have about 7 pounds to lose and a lot of toning up to do. If we don't end up on the cruise, I will be signing up for a program within the next couple of days, preparing for our make up cruise! :) 

Ok - I think that covers most of it. 
If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to leave a comment or DM me. 
I'd be happy to answer anything! 


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